Cannot conect wirelesly to Gigaset SE587

  sol_sun_ftm 10:54 29 Aug 2010

My sister bought a new computer with a wireless card. She is away on holiday now so I offered to set it up for her. Setup went well until I tried to conect wirelessly to her Gigaset SE587 wireless lan.
Would not connect at all, so tried with my laptop which had connected to her wireless before nothing same with my iphone.
Did a full reset of router ie pushed in buttun with paperclip powered off and back on.
Now the new computer, my laptop, my Iphone and my sons Iphone all find the network but cannot connect. I have elimenated a pasword problem by turning off the encryption on the router ( using my laptop and eithernet lead)
All find the network but when click on connect all say "cannot connect to network"

I cant find anywhere on this router where it says it is blocking connections.


  sol_sun_ftm 12:37 31 Aug 2010

Can't believe I have been let down by PCA forums.
Can no one help

  MAJ 15:27 31 Aug 2010

Does the router work okay, in that you can connect to the internet, when a computer is connected via ethernet?

  sol_sun_ftm 15:36 31 Aug 2010

Yeah can connect to Internet ie google home page when using yellow Ethernet cable

  MAJ 15:59 31 Aug 2010

I'm not familiar with the Gigaset router, sol_sun_ftm, so some generic things to check out.

1. Under the Wireless Options in the routers configuration page, make sure that the Access option is set to 'Allow All' rather than 'Restrict'.

2. There might also be an option to 'Permit Listed Computers' only (Mac address filtering). If there is, check that the computers are listed in the filter. Usually following my Point 1. will grey that option out though, but it's worth checking.

  sol_sun_ftm 07:29 03 Sep 2010

Thanks for suggestions. But no good. Can't find any setting that looks like what you said.
Think it's time she changed I SP anyway she is with Tiscali/Talktalk

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