Cannot change desktop fonts

  nickp1 13:57 27 Aug 2005

I've just discovered I can't change my desktop fonts - the font change window in Control Panel/Display/Appearance/Advanced is greyed out and inoperative. Any ideas please? I haven't the foggiest idea what caused it.

Nickp 1

  ACOLYTE 14:03 27 Aug 2005

Have you tried form the desktop? right click desktop select properties advanced the font size is there 96Dpi is default i think but you can change it.

  mattyc_92 14:05 27 Aug 2005

That just takes you to the same place, so I would be suprised if that way is still ok....


Have you installed any registry editing, visual editing, hardware, etc... in the last few days? Also have you had any other problems?

  GroupFC 14:53 27 Aug 2005

When you get to Control Panel/Display/Appearance/Advanced you are selecting "icon" from the first drop down list (labelled "item") aren't you?

Sometimes the answer is the most obvious one. When I was having a look to try and see what you were trying to do, the first item was "desktop" and at that point the fonts were greyed out, but after a little playing around I had it sussed!

  ACOLYTE 14:55 27 Aug 2005

Be good to tell him what option you ended up with after playing garound lol.

  GroupFC 15:39 27 Aug 2005

I thought I had! - by selecting the item "icons" rather than any of the others!

  nickp1 19:24 27 Aug 2005

Thanks to all. Selecting "Icons" did the trick.

Nickp 1

  TonyV 19:24 27 Aug 2005

Right Click on a blank spot in your Desktop. Then click on Properties. Click Appearance/Advanced, then look in the box which is headed Item, (it probably says Desktop in the box). Click the arrow on the side and then click on Icon. The Text facility will now be available to you.



  GroupFC 20:35 27 Aug 2005

Glad to help!

TonyV, isn't that what I said - LOL!

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