Cannot Change BIOS to Boot from CD

  Ricky62 14:05 20 Oct 2006


I am trying to reformat a friends computer to XP. I can get into the BIOS and I get to the boot sequence a:, c: then SCSI. I try to change a: to SCSI (I think this is a SCSI CD ROM) but I am unable to alter anything at all. I am completly stuck for ideas. Can anyone help?
It is a Award System International BIOS v4.51G. Have checked the web site but no help here.
Many thanks

  ed-0 14:22 20 Oct 2006

Do you know the make and model of your motherboard?

  Ricky62 14:34 20 Oct 2006

I'm sorry, I don't.

  rawprawn 14:39 20 Oct 2006

click here Download SIW to your Desktop (It's an exe file) It will give you all the motherboard details.

  Ricky62 14:46 20 Oct 2006


  €dstowe 14:47 20 Oct 2006

If the motherboard is old (which it seems to be as it doesn't have XP on it already) it may be that booting from CD is not an option with that motherboard.

In Windows 9X and ME installation was initiated via a boot floppy and the ability to boot from CD wasn't necessary.

Do you have a W9X boot floppy which could load CD drivers to start you off?

Or you can download XP boot floppies from click here

  ed-0 15:00 20 Oct 2006

" I am trying to reformat a friends computer to XP. "

Indicates it already has an operating system on it.

Have you inserted the XP disk when you are on windows desktop. You can load XP from there. Is it retail or OEM disk?

Have you checked that the computer has enough resourses to run XP. Although you can run it with lower, a 500Mhz and 128Mb of ram would be my mnimum.

  Ricky62 15:04 20 Oct 2006

Thanks for the info. I will go ahead and create these floppy disks and hopefully I will be up and away.
The computer is nearly 8 years old and origianlly supplied with Windows 98.

  ed-0 15:30 20 Oct 2006

If no go with the floppys, does your bios look like this? click here

  €dstowe 16:43 20 Oct 2006

Make sure the computer is big enough/fast enough to accommodate XP.

  Ricky62 15:16 22 Oct 2006

Sorry I have been so long responding. I had to go round to my mates house to take a look at his BIOS set up.
Yes. His BIOS screen is almost identical to the screen shot you posted.

Since Friday, he has downloaded and copied the XP Start up floppy disk onto his computer, inserted the XP CD when prompted and still nothing happens and so he cannot boot up from the CD.

Is there any other advice that can be offered?

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