cannot burn bought download tracks

  jagx400 17:36 24 Jul 2005

I am trying to burn some tracks i bought from Tesco and every time I try with nero it says i need a liscence DRM and stops me from burning any ideas please. First time I bought downloaded music and can do nothing with it

  Jeddah 17:47 24 Jul 2005

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and is used to control or restrict the use of media tracks on electronic devices.

You will have to read the terms and conditions of the download and see what you are allowed to do with the tracks.

Some services allow no copying you can only listen on the computer you downloaded to , others allow a limited number of copies or delete the tracks after 6 months etc

You would need to check with Tesco to see what rights you have.

  DieSse 17:54 24 Jul 2005
  Jeddah 18:00 24 Jul 2005

As the Tesco site says, once downloaded while still connected to the internet start the track playing and you will see a pop up window saying the license is being downloaded.

Once that is done you do not need to download the license again and can close the media player , if it asks if you wish to back up new licenses say yes.

  radi8or 18:07 24 Jul 2005


I think your problem could be using Nero according to Tesco site their prefered player is
Windows Media Player which when you d/l any track or album a DRM licence is automatically d/l too

If you open WMPlayer go2 View > Online Stores > Tesco then on the right hand side click Jargon Buster.

Regards Bob

  jagx400 18:20 24 Jul 2005

Looks like Nero was the problem, I played the tracks in media player then made a playlist and burned it. My only concern is the album cost £7.99 to d/l Tesco sell the original cd for £7.99 so what is the advantage i have to print covers and the cd, doesnt seem to be an incentive to buy this way. The only rerason I did was because I wanted it now and it was out of stock at tesco.

  radi8or 18:27 24 Jul 2005


MS download store albums are only £6.99 mind you theirs talk of them raising their prices soon.

Regards Bob

  DieSse 18:31 24 Jul 2005

"doesnt seem to be an incentive to buy this way"

"The only rerason I did was because I wanted it now and it was out of stock at tesco."

You answered your own question!

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