Cannot boot with printer on

  Ray5776 12:38 23 Oct 2005

I am using W2000 pro on a P4. I have found that I can no longer boot up if the printer is switched on ie BSOD. Everything works fine if I boot up and then turn the printer on. OK so the answer is dont have the printer on when booting but I am curious as to the cause of this only recent occurence.

  €dstowe 12:47 23 Oct 2005

I have a machine like that.

Is your printer connected by USB? Is it an IRQL BSOD you get?

My theory is that, even though mains powered, the printer hardware is drawing power from the USB supply such that the computer is unable to start everything up but, once it's going, there is power to spare, so to speak.

In response to your question about it being recent, have you installed any other USB devices recently?

  phil46 12:49 23 Oct 2005

Try booting with the printer connected to the USB on your mobo i had this problem with my scanner at the time i used a hub,if you have a pci card with other hardware connected IE DSL modem or printer they seemed to pull to much power for W2000 to boot i could use the hub but it had tobe powered up.

  phil46 12:52 23 Oct 2005

I forgot to mention since upgrading to WXP i haven't had anymore problems.

  Ray5776 13:13 23 Oct 2005

Thanks for your replies, it all makes sense now regarding the power drain I have had a spate of blue screens on booting all of which were resolved by unplugging USB or PCI devices. I would have never have thought of something as simple as that.
Thanks again for your help.

  €dstowe 14:12 23 Oct 2005

You might want to consider upgrading the power supply unit.

  wee eddie 14:21 23 Oct 2005

Surly that would solve the problem at little to no expense.

It has been noted in forum before that printers perform a cleaning process at startup and to save ink, and therefor money, it is better to leave them turned on.

However, if a printer is left quiescent for a considerable period of time it performs a self-cleaning program before printing anyway.

So any advantage is lost.

  Ray5776 20:08 23 Oct 2005

Wee Eddie, of course I can turn the printer off, I said this in my original question. This will get around the problem OK, but I did not used to have to turn it off and wondered why I now have to.

  De Marcus™ 20:16 23 Oct 2005

If you don't have any usb keyboards or mice, try disabling usb legacy support.

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