Cannot boot from DVD on old PC

  FreeCell 12:44 17 Jan 2009

I was going to try out Windows 7 Beta on an old dedicated test PC with a Gigabyte 7ZXE motherboard and Athlon Processor. Downloaded the Beta and burnt to a DVD but cannot get the old PC to boot from DVD. Only BIOS option is CDROM and tried options for IDE 0 to 3 with no success.

Is there a way to get this DVD to boot on this PC? Disc seems fine and is recognised as boot disc on another more modern laptop. Are there other options to get Windows 7 on this old machine?

  iqs 12:51 17 Jan 2009

the old PC,does it have a DVD ROM drive,DVDRW or just a standard CD ROM ?

  FreeCell 13:08 17 Jan 2009

Sorry obvious question that I should have made clear. Yes it has a DVD ROM and a CD ROM/Writer.

System currently has Ubuntu on it. Will boot from CD through DVD ROM drive but not the Windows 7 DVD.

On boot up shows an Error: Cannot boot from CDROM Error code 5.

If I put DVD into another PC I get the hit any key to load from CD/DVD message so I assume it works.

  birdface 13:13 17 Jan 2009

Hi.You don't use Kerio Firewall by any chance.I kept getting error code 5 when trying to update my host file.Then remembered that i had HIPS ticked In Kerio and that was why I was getting the code 5 message.Just thought that I would mention it just in case.

  iqs 13:25 17 Jan 2009

Could be the MB and the BIOS does not support booting from a DVD or DVD ROM.I had a similar issues with a 2001 PC I was fixing,to get around this issue I flashed the BIOS.Flashing is always the last option.

  FreeCell 13:26 17 Jan 2009

Not using Kerio.

As I said machine has Ubuntu 8.04 installed on it at present and wanted to install Windows 7 Beta over the top of this just to see what it's like. (Never been a fan of Vista and have resisted upgrading from XP on my main PC)

  FreeCell 13:29 17 Jan 2009


Was coming to the same conclusion that there was an incompatibility between the BIOS and DVDs. Drive is recognised and CDs boot from it okay.

Give the age of the PC not sure that a BIOS update is available that will support DVD and as it has Ubuntu on it can't use any of the Windows flash tools that are available.

  iqs 13:46 17 Jan 2009

I know that some BIOS updates can be actioned via the FDD,not sure if that is of help.Could you install XP from CD,then update the BIOS to install Windows 7?.

In regards to Windows 7 Beta,I installed it last Sunday on a recent build ,to much like VISTA,like you never been a fan of VISTA,so uninstalled and re-installed XP with a VISTA theme..

  FreeCell 14:17 17 Jan 2009

Could install Win 98 on the old PC if it's worth it to upgrade the BIOS. It's difficult to tell whether a more recent version would support a DVD as I can see no mention of it on the Gigabyte site.

Appreciate the comments on Windows 7 - I was hoping from what I had read that it would be a more marked improvement on Vista.

  PO79 14:25 17 Jan 2009

What program did you use to burn the ISO to DVD. If it was NERO there seems to be a setting in "expert settings" that needs to be altered prior to burning that causes the "error 5" problem.

See click here for info. If this applies you may have to re-burn the ISO to DVD.

  PO79 14:28 17 Jan 2009

Also you do not need Windows to update the BIOS. The BIOS on that MOBO has a utility to flash the BIOS direct from floppy. There are some bios updates on the giga-byte site. The flash utility is accessed by pressing F8 on boot, it is called I think Q Flash.

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