Cannot assign drive letter to USB Drive

  SDJ 13:19 20 Jun 2006

Just had a new HDD installed in my vaio laptop.
Ran my Vaio recovery disk to install to factory settings.
Old HDD has been installed into a USB enclosure.

Old HDD is viewable on a Windows 2000 Dell

Tried to connect External HDD to Vaio, drivers install and is connected.
Not viewable in My Computer.
Went to Computer Management > Disk Management I see the drive there, right click drive but option to assign drive letter is greyed out.
Status is shown as active and healthy.

External HDD still has the vaio installation on including XP, but I need to connect it in order to move my files across.

Plan is to use this for additional storage.

any suggestions for being able to assign a drive letter would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

  Diemmess 13:29 20 Jun 2006

While it doesn't explain visibility with a Dell running 2K, have you checked the jumper on the old HD?

Try CSL, but if it is set like that already, this idea falls flat on its face!

  SDJ 18:57 20 Jun 2006

Tried cable select, didnt make any difference.
Do I need to change anything in my bios?

I think the only way around is to put it back in, burn the files to dvd and then reformat the disk before swapping back to my new drive.

I only hope it will recognise it once I have formatted it.


  SDJ 18:58 20 Jun 2006

The other thing that might be worth a mention is that the status of the disk in disk management is (Active) Healthy whereas my C drive is just Healthy.

Not sure what this means?

  SDJ 18:58 20 Jun 2006

sorry C drive says (System) Healthy

  Diemmess 19:51 20 Jun 2006

There are a number of threads in the past with this problem. So from memory.....

1) Return the encased HD to jump setting Master.

2) With the USB connection removed - go to Device Manager and remove or disable all USB mentions.
Reboot - and XP should enable all new USB drivers for you. Let it do that, and then plug in once more!!! Other than that I'm stuck!

  SDJ 21:04 22 Jun 2006

Thanks for your email. Sorry I didnt respond sooner I am in a different time zone now I live in the US!
I did try the above before getting to your email, and they didnt work. So instead I had a cunning plan in that I copied the contents to the Dell that "liked" the usb drive. I then connected it to the laptop and deleted the partition, this immediatley allowed me to format and assign a drive letter which I did.

I then connected it back to the Dell (it found it thank god) and I copied the data back on reconnected to the laptop and moved the data across.

Phew, what a run around.
Anyway, job done now.

Thanks for your assistance, I do really appreciate it.


  woodchip 22:06 22 Jun 2006

You cannot set a letter for USB drives. Windows should do that Automatic. But Why you cannot see it??????? Did you say it's set as Master? as that is the only way a EIDE drive in a Caddy will work

  SDJ 22:20 24 Jun 2006

It was setup as master and I can assign a drive letter. In fact I changed this a number of times thinking it was maybe this that was conflicting. Each time the Dell recognised the new drive letter.

Anyway, it has now been resolved. I deleted the partition (the only option on my XP machine) reformatted and assigned a letter.
Works like a charm now.
And the Dell still recognises it too.

Thanks for all your input.

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