Cannot Add or Remove Programs Because HD is full

  User-41A6EA96-A5FA-4A0F-8341E2F438EB628D 06:58 06 Jan 2008

My D drive is full to the max and now I cannot even open it to access the files and when I enter the Add/Remove function through the control panel, it freezes my computer which means now I cannot even remove any program from anywhere on my pc as it freezes up and/or the list of programs does not populate under the panel.
Help as I have now accumulated way too many programs and can't use my blackberry!

  €dstowe 07:12 06 Jan 2008

Try deleting or transferring files rather than programs in order to free up some space so that Add/remove is able to do its job.

  Taff™ 07:44 06 Jan 2008

Try deleting some unnecessary files manually. For example .tmp .chk files. Search for them in Windows Explorer and Shift Delete to remove them permanently. Ideally you want to be able to run CCleaner which will clear out all the dross.

You need to get to a situation where you have at least 15% of your Hard Disk free to run disk defragmenter as well although it will take some time with this minimum amount of room to manouver.

Another trick is to search for all files on your computer (*.*) and set the file size as over 1Mb in advanced settings. Look carefully at these and in particular the file extensions and types so you don`t get rid of a program application.

  johnnyrocker 09:49 06 Jan 2008

os? and hdd size, what is the majority of files on board.


  tullie 10:06 06 Jan 2008

Whats on your C Drive?

  birdface 10:08 06 Jan 2008

Have you ran C Cleaner yet.You could download this. click here and remove any programs on it that you no longer use.Or my computer.Right click C Drive.Properties.Press disk clean up and see what that removes.

  Graham. 10:12 06 Jan 2008


  johnnyrocker 10:22 06 Jan 2008

an option would be to buy an ext drive and caddy and transfer some big stuff to free up necessary space and next time dont wait for the problem to arise.


  tullie 10:32 06 Jan 2008

I mentioned the C drve because it is usually he default,and is where your junk will usually accumalate

  octal 10:56 06 Jan 2008

MissMel siad "My D drive is full to the max and now I cannot even open it to access the files"

If you can't access the D drive then I don't see how you are going to be able to transfer the files elsewhere or delete them.

There may be a way using a Linux live CD, something like Puppy Linux click here just burn a copy and then put it in the CD drive, you will have to make sure the CD drive is the first to boot in BIOS, the CD doesn't load any programs on the hard drive but runs from memory, you will then be able to access the d dive and transfer it to external drive or delete the stuff you don't want.

Wow, lots of possibilities. To answer all the questions:
1. XP sp2
2. 2 hard drives, 992 MB Ram
3. C Drive is 512, D Drive is 512
4. I keep all of my usual programs on C drive as well as my documents, pictures, music and video. 5. I had a business personalizing music and the name songs (5000 names each playing 60 songs) were all put on the D drive which is why it is now full. It wasn't a case of burning the name into the song. I had to buy each name singing each song so it's huge.
5. Even right clicking on the D drive icon under My Computer will freeze the computer so manually going into the drive to delete/transfer is not an option. I can't view the contents at all.
6. I dropped the songs all at once which is how it's full and didn't realize I needed to leave 15% free. It didn't slowly get large.
7. I already have an external hard drive which I use to back up my C drive as that is where the stuff I care about is. It's free enough for my backups however I still couldn't transfer as I can't access the drive itself.
8. As for searching when I search My Computer it freezes as the D drive is involved. I can only search the rest of the computer which wouldn't help me.
9. That leaves the C Cleaner which I've never heard of. I'll try that today and see what happens.....THAANKS SO MUCH! At least there's hope. I thought I'd have to just keep programs forever.

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