Cannot access XP PC.

  gengiscant 15:41 10 Aug 2010

It is my fervent wish that one day that it will be far less trouble getting the basic computing needs to work without having to seek help.
I cannot access the shared docs on the XP PC.
I get the error \\*****\shared docs is not accessible etc etc.
For some reason on the Win 7 PC under network I have 2 PC's with my name and 2 PC's with the XP PC's name, both the XP machines if double clicked show 3 printers,there is only one connected, and a shared doc folder.
If I double click the shared docs I get the above error.
I am using windows firewall on both PC'S and both have the same workgroup name.
This is a fresh install of Windows 7.
Everything is on in Windows 7 that should be on.
Windows XP can access the 7 PC.
I have googled but have yet to find a solution that worked.

  mgmcc 20:46 10 Aug 2010

Have you actually set the "Shared Documents" folder as a "network share"?

Although by default it is shared by all User Accounts set up in XP, that isn't the same as setting it as "shared" over a network.

  Strawballs 22:55 10 Aug 2010

Win 7 automatically sets up password protection for networks which will only work with win 7 so to use it with other O/S's you will have to switch this off in the network and sharing centre.

  gengiscant 10:26 11 Aug 2010

'Strawballs' Password protection is off.
'mgmcc' It is set at network share.


  mgmcc 17:57 11 Aug 2010

Is your Windows XP "Home Edition" or "Professional"?

If "Professional", make sure it is set to use Simple File Sharing. Open Windows Explorer and, from its menus, select "Tools > Folder Options" and then the View tab. In the Advanced Settings section scroll down to the very last item "Use simple file sharing (recommended)" and make sure it is ticked.

[Note: The option to "Use simple file sharing (recommended)" is *NOT* available in XP Home Edition.]

  gengiscant 09:58 12 Aug 2010

XP is the home edition. As I said,there is no problem connecting to the Win 7 through THe Xp PC and I can get as far as seeing the shared folder and in fact the other folders I have set to sharing. But cannot open them and get the above error.

  mgmcc 10:19 12 Aug 2010

Try temporarily disabling Windows firewall in the XP PC and see if that lets you access the shared folder.

If not, try "unsharing" it again, then reboot and set it as "shared" with a different share name.

  gengiscant 09:42 14 Aug 2010

Tried both,the problem still remains

  mgmcc 12:23 14 Aug 2010

OK, try this: Create a new folder in the root of C drive, set it as "shared" and see if you can access that folder over the network.

  gengiscant 12:34 14 Aug 2010

No luck with that one either.
I think that I am just going to have to live with this which is a nuisance.It was so simple with XP, in fact I rarely had to do anything when adding another PC to the network.
Thanks again.

  mgmcc 17:27 14 Aug 2010

In the XP PC, run IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window and tell me what it shows for the "Node Type".

(This really is scraping the barrel for a solution!)

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