Cannot access web pages...not Internet Options

  fontenay 17:59 11 May 2007

It all started when I could not access certain web pages which I have been using for several years.

Looking at advice on this site and elsewhere I followed many suggestions.

I am using WINXP Prof and IE7

Thinking it a problem with the latter I uninstalled and went back to IE6 - no joy so re-installed IE7.

Now I cannot access Internet Options in IE Tools - and yes, I have looked at suggestions here but with no positive result.

I have spent the best part of today trying to solve this problem but cannot.

I have used system restore several times too.

Please can anyone help[?

  fontenay 18:00 11 May 2007

PS - the present situation is that I still cannot access the web pages in question and still cannot access Internet options.

  Technotiger 18:03 11 May 2007

Hi, maybe not the full answer - but have you tried Firefox, you can run it as well as IE.

  Technotiger 18:04 11 May 2007

Also have your tried running CCleaner click here

  fontenay 18:07 11 May 2007

First of all a correction to the thread title....'not' should read 'nor'

Yes I do use Firefox too and cannot access those same web pages.

I have run CC cleaner

  Technotiger 18:11 11 May 2007

Can you say which web-pages, or is it any/all pages?

  ICF 19:06 11 May 2007

Have you tried System restore?

  dom dom 19:11 11 May 2007

had a similar problem but I find out that was caused by a virus. So I installed a new Norton 2006 and problem solved.

  p;3 19:18 11 May 2007

which web pages can you not access; link them for others to see if they CAN?

  fontenay 20:12 11 May 2007

Two specific pages I cannot access are : click here and
I know that others will be able to get them - the point is that I cannot - on either my desktop or laptop.

Yes, I have used system restore several times today.

Not being able to access Internet Options is also a puzzle.

  Technotiger 20:16 11 May 2007

Hmm, as you say, others will be able to get them - I can. But that does not help you ... do you think dom dom might be on the right track? Have you tried running all your anti-everything programs too.

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