cannot access a web page...advise please

  end 11:09 19 Jun 2004

I am trying to acess click here from its base at click here

I have "allowed" on my Guard IE the "pop up" ON the efile page, and also my computer is telling me that my settings of Active X will not allow complete display of the page;
at present I am getting the message that the page cannot display completely, and the small box with a red X within the area of my screan that I think all the info I want IS!!! ( follow that ???!!!)
am on Win 98 se and IE6
if yocan access the first page easily, then what am I not doing here??? or what controls do I have to adjust ( apart from my head and my sanity)
I hve also refreshed several times the page but still no joy....
any offers from " the floor".....?????

(sods Law. I"ll go BACK to it and it will work perfectly!!!)

  hugh-265156 11:18 19 Jun 2004

same here.

if security settings are changed to low it then asks you to install and run w ww. citrix .com/bin/cab/"?

says publisher cannot be determined and is unknown to the trust provider.

i dont know what this means but i would not install it to be safe.

  VoG II 11:38 19 Jun 2004

In IE6 I installed the plugin from and I just end up with a don-displayable graphic (red X).

Doing the same in Firefox brings up a citrix error page We’re very sorry!
The page you requested cannot be found.

* If you typed the URL yourself, please make sure that the spelling is correct.
* If you clicked on a link to get here, there may be a problem with the link.
* Try using your browser’s “back” button to return to your previous page and choose a different link on that page.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

So I reckon there is a problem with the site or it is restricted access.

  end 12:02 19 Jun 2004

have finally managed to get the pca to open!!!

I NEED the Citrix Plug-in for a case i am working on ( my head!!!)
and yes I HAVE typed the URL correctly, I HAVE gone to th site and tried to " contct them", I HAVE phoned the law company who are not open tilll Monday when I am at work

MMMUUUMMMMMMM....where are you.......???!!!

and ???what is an "ICA Client"...and NO, I do NOT mean the CIA!!!! although at the rate I am going I might as well!!!!!!!

???can someone try THIS..

click here

BUT, this is apparently for OTHER OS and NOT windows.....

all I WANT is to be able to "resolve" my legal issue...????can it be THAT difficult?????

  VoG II 12:18 19 Jun 2004

Well, I've downloaded and installed click here accepting all of the defaults. I don't know what this is supposed to do but it doesn't help in accessing the site that you are trying to get in to.

Right, off to Add&Remove programs now!

  end 12:22 19 Jun 2004

will return to this later after I have waded through a 16 page legal document i have to complete in relation TO this...... WILL be back. to check on replies ......but god knows whennnnnn......thanks "floor"......

  end 12:28 19 Jun 2004

THANKS... u r a GEM!!! I have just checked that page which I never manage d to reach tell me that it CAN be uninstalled if I need to SAFETLY??? and how long might it take TO download on broadband???. it is supposed to " allow me to view my case plan" (i.e. my insane head!!!)

  VoG II 12:30 19 Jun 2004

It installed fine here but as I don't need it I've taken it off again. To do this just go to Control Panel, Add&Remove programs.

The download is 3 MB so it should only take a couple of minutes.

  end 12:54 19 Jun 2004

again THANK YOU.....what I need is now "open". although could have doen without my car being smashed up!!!!
u r a GEM!!!!

but how come YOU managed to find it and I could NOT.......aint fair!!!!!

( not that the REST of the forum members arnt gems, emeralds, saphires, , so no "shirtiness" please!!!!!!)

  end 13:14 19 Jun 2004

well I did it in 30 seconds( or thereabouts!!!!), gave it a scan and installed it. when I no longer want/need it, is it easily and safetly uninstallable with no " shared files" lurking to annoy me and crash this thing????Ive chucked it in my downloads folder so I can reinstall it if needed.........

and all because a certain driver was nOT watching where "she" was going and rear-ended my car .......

  VoG II 13:17 19 Jun 2004

Well, it uninstalled cleanly on my PC (XP). No messages about shared files etc.

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