Cannot access "Spotify"

  Jeffersonrex 20:01 17 Apr 2009

I cannot sign in to the fantastic free music site "Spotify" Everytime I try it states it cannot find an internet access or tells me to use a "proxy setting" Anyone any ideas how to do this.

  Kaacee 20:08 17 Apr 2009

I am using it with no problems, have you downloaded it properly, if so maybe uninstall and reinstall might help

  iscanut 20:46 17 Apr 2009

Me too, just downloaded it with no problems. Try a reinstall as Gudlucker suggests.

  Jeffersonrex 08:10 18 Apr 2009

Thanks I will try later today. Will be back with the result

  Jeffersonrex 18:06 19 Apr 2009

Uninstalled and reinstalled "Spotify" but same problem. It suggests a firewalll may be blocking it. How do I fix that , anyone?.

  iscanut 20:01 19 Apr 2009

What firewall are you using ?

  tullie 21:40 19 Apr 2009

Its not free is it,you pay to use the site?
Do you listen to the music through an Spotify application?
Can you burn tracks to disc?

  mole44 06:56 20 Apr 2009

it`s free to listen to with an advert every 30 minutes.think of it as a free radio station with music of your choice

  Jeffersonrex 08:38 20 Apr 2009

Spotify IS free or you can have the option of paying for upgrades. However, who wants to pay when you can programme your own selections in from your favourite artistes and sit back and listen all day long. I still can't seem to log on however. To the question of a firewall, as afr as i know it doesnt exist on my PC. All my safeguards are throu' prevx2 which would not block it.

  iscanut 10:06 20 Apr 2009

What, no Firewall ???? What is prevx2 ?

  iscanut 19:16 20 Apr 2009

Have just looked up prevx2..Malware protection ! I still think you need a firewall though although this does not help your problem.

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