Cannon 3200f scanner

  pj1664 11:52 19 Mar 2004

I am thinking of buying the above scanner but I am not to sure because it connects via a USB2, How is a USB2 different from USB and How do I know the difference because I have 3 pc's on my home networkand obviously they will be connected to the scanner via the network but what I need to know is will they all be compatable with the scanner. Appreciate any help with this.

  spikeychris 11:55 19 Mar 2004

USB2 is backwards compatible so it will work whatever. How are you thinking of networking the scanner?

  pj1664 12:20 19 Mar 2004

Well, I was thinking the same as I have with my printer Via cable which is attach to a main computer. Is that possoble with a USB connection?

  spikeychris 12:54 19 Mar 2004

You can share the scanner on a drive, is that what you mean?

  pj1664 16:52 19 Mar 2004

Yes, I think!, Via a computer which it will bw attach to.

  pj1664 18:55 03 Apr 2004

Can I network this scanner if its connected to a USB?

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