Canibalising a PC

  yahwob 15:28 22 Mar 2007


Currently have two PC's, PC1 is currently working. PC2 isn't working. The DVD drive on PC1 dosen't work so could I simply take the dvd drive out of the PC2 and plug it into PC1?

On the same theme could I take the harddrive out of PC2 and somehow use it in PC1 as an extra harddrive as I would still want to use the harddrive thats currently in PC1.


  skidzy 15:40 22 Mar 2007

YES and yes

Remove the hdd from the broken pc and use as a slave drive in the working pc.

Providing the dvd drives are the same size,i see no problem using this also,but you may find the front shape is different,depending on the case.

  BurrWalnut 15:41 22 Mar 2007

Yes to both.

Make sure you set the DVD drive jumper (on the back) to the same setting as the drive being replaced.

On the HDD, set the jumper to 'slave' as your existing drive should be 'master'.

  woodchip 16:45 22 Mar 2007

Yes to the CD drive but the Hard Drive would not work as the Drivers are for other Hardware, So it would need another reinstall after clearing the disc. To get files of the disc you can connect as slave to the other main drive in other computer

  yahwob 08:47 23 Mar 2007

So if I can't use the second hard drive in PC1 can I somehow hook up the two hard drives so I can take the folders I need off the hard drive in PC2.


  Diemmess 09:03 23 Mar 2007

You can use the second HD as a secondary HD.

woodchip meant that you wouldn't be able to use the existing Windows system on that HD because of the different motherboard.

You would continue to use the native HD with its booting windows system as before.

To have the best use and no confusion from the transplanted HD, you would need to set its jumper either to CSL (which it may be anyway) or slave.

Once everything is up and running then you can do some heavyweight deleteing.

You should delete the Windows folder on the interloper for a start.
Follow this with deleting any internet, A.V. stuff and so on, but do be careful you are deleteting items in the "new" secondary HD only!

  yahwob 09:07 23 Mar 2007

Ok thanks, anyone got any links to installing a second hard drive etc, I'm reasonably competent but always like following instructions lol.

  Jak_1 09:42 23 Mar 2007

You will need an IDE cable with two drive connections, cheap enough from any computer shop. Put the main drive on the end connection and the slave on the middle. You will probably find you have a spare power lead already for the drove, if not then a splitter cable will be required, again cheap enough.

  woodchip 11:28 23 Mar 2007

If the drive is EIDE, look in your computer you need to take the left side of the box if it's a tower, you will most likely see two flat ribbon cables. One to the CD or DVD drive the other to the Hard Drive. Both could be on the same ribbon cable, but if each as it's own ribbon, the Hard Drive will already be set to master with the jumper on the drive, so look at the opposite end of the drive to the plug sockets and you should see pins about 8 in all with a small jumper covering two of them this will be on master if it came out of another computer that only had the one hard drive, check the little diagram on the top of the drive, compare with pins and you should then see how to put the jumper on the S=Slave jumper that's where it should be. if the other main drive in the computer as a ribbon cable you may have an other free plug on it connect that to the drive with the red trace wire next to power plug. also fit one of the spare power plugs if you can see one, this only goes in one way. you need to mount the drive with only very short screws the do not damage the drive

  yahwob 11:36 23 Mar 2007

Thanks so far again.

I'm now thinking I won't physically put the spare hard drive into the PC1 case, in reality I only need to take several folders off it but unfortunately PC2 won't boot up at all so I can't just simply use a usb pen or anything like that.

Is there a way I can somehow connect the two hard drives so I can copy over the folders I want without actually removing the hard disk from the broken pc?

  Jak_1 12:17 23 Mar 2007

You can always use this method: get a hdd enclosure like this:
click here(11923)IcyBox-IB351UBBL-35-IDE-to-USB20-Blue-LED.aspx

put the old hdd in it (set to master) and simply drag and drop your files to the C drive. Then you can clear the drive and use it as an ext drive, result, two usable drives :)

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