Cancelling with a ISP

  Fateful Shadow 11:25 28 May 2005

Does anybody know how much 'notice' you have to give an ISP if you want to cancel. If anyone knows this for it would be extremely helpful! I tried to e-mail them and ask but they insist on calling a phone number...

Thanks :)

  rawprawn 12:07 28 May 2005

I think it will depend on your contract, but something worth knowing is to ask for a "Migration Number" That way your new supplier will find it easier to manage the changeover.

  rawprawn 12:09 28 May 2005

Also, I think that you will have to phone to cancel, you have to with Tiscali.

  pj123 12:53 28 May 2005

Well according to this site click here virgin have no 12 month contract so you should be able to cancel at any time without notice. It is probably ethical/courteous to give them some sort of notice though, say 7 days? If you pay by direct debit, just ask your bank to cancel the direct debit. If you pay via your credit/debit card though you cannot cancel it.

You say "but they insist on calling a phone number". Did they give you the phone number? Do you have a problem with that?

  Fateful Shadow 18:17 28 May 2005

Thanks for the replies. pj123, I just find it a bit weird that they can't give me an answer via e-mail like they have done many times before.

Thanks again :)

  spuds 18:37 28 May 2005

Possibly want you to phone them, so that they can convince you that you have made a mistake by changing ISP's ;o)

Phone them, and see what happens.

  SANTOS7 18:44 28 May 2005

I did that got upgraded to 1Mb (unlimited)

  Fateful Shadow 18:03 29 May 2005

Thanks for all the advice. I'll ring them but I'm going to switch ISP's anyway. :)

P.S. I realise my 'pants' grammar in the thread title!

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