Canceling AOL

  ordep 16:24 26 Jul 2004

What are your experiences with canceling AOL.

A pal of mine would like to switch ISP. He has about 8 months left of his yearly contract with them.

Will he have to pay for the remaining months, should he switch.

  Diemmess 16:36 26 Jul 2004

Love it or hate it, and I love it!

Probably because I have used only it for so long, that I would have to re-learn how to use anything else.

That said he can use the free (0800) helpline, or go on line and enquire through "live help", a sort of one to one chat/instant message facility.

More realistically he can accept that it is a 1 year contract, that the cooling off period of 8 days is well past. I would think there is no chance of a refund, why not stay with it to near the end of the contract when he can mke sure next year's sub will not be paid?

he migh still feel it better to stay with Aol.

  goonerbill 16:40 26 Jul 2004

dont know about cancelling from AOL, but if he is on broadband and has 8 months of a 12 month contract to run, yes they will charge him, probably the remainder of the contract and if he got the modem free from them, they may charge for that as well.

this is not only with AOL but all broadband suppliers do this, thats why they get you to sign for 12 months.

  [email protected] 17:05 26 Jul 2004

please bear in mind that you literally have to format your HDD to fully get rid of AOL if you go down that road

  rmriph 17:13 26 Jul 2004

Stay with AOL if you change now they will certainly charge you for the rest of the contract, the price of the modem is built in the 12mths price.Some of the other are ok until you have a problem then you are ripped off with helpline costs.

  Graham ® 17:23 26 Jul 2004

Note you can use other browsers once logged on to AOL. Me? I love it too!

  Djohn 18:10 26 Jul 2004

AOL can be removed from your PC quite easily without a format. I've done it several times while testing out different software for them.

Graham ® loves AOL. So did I for the almost three years I was with them, still look back fondly every now and then and often recommend them to others. I don't think I have a bad word to say against them. Now of course it's even better as you can use other email clients if you wish, you don't even need to load the AOL software, just the drivers for the modem then use any browser/email you want.

I changed to another ISP for a couple of reasons and even though I was only four months into a twelve month contract they released me from it without penalty.

It is a matter of approach, (as with all things). I went through the cancellation dept. first to be told no. I then went the route of customer service and technical helpline. I explained that they were not providing the service we had contracted for, they agreed, released me from the contract and said I would be welcome back anytime.

  Cesar 10:15 28 Jul 2004

Go to Keyword "Cancel"

  ordep 10:20 08 Aug 2004

Thanks for all the input, and as most of you have stated, I am stuck with AOL, for the time being anyhow.

I'm going to take up Djohn's tip and try just loading up the drivers for the modem.

Incerdentel, theres an internal modem (PCI), could I use that instead of the AOL one.

  Diemmess 10:48 08 Aug 2004

Unless the account has already been specially changed, you can use dial-up anyway, but at an 0845 charge (local call) by the minute.

If he really doesn't want to continue with broadband, and has tried talking his problems through with Aol, then he might try negotiating to use the remainder of his subscription as an ordinary free dial-up connection.

Their customer support number officially is 0800 376 4406, (though I have had more satisfactory answers from 0800 376 1324 when there is an element of Tech Support and advice.)

  ordep 11:31 08 Aug 2004

Sorry Diemmess, think you may have hold of the wrong end of the stick.

He will continue to use BB but with IE browser.

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