Cancel Hotmail Plus

  radi8or 10:57 18 Jul 2009

Hi all,

Have had Hotmail for years and updated it to Plus (paid for). Never really used it much and didn't have too much of a problem with junk mail.

This morning doing the weekly clean out, logged into Hotmail and discovered nearly 400 junk mails nearly all seem to be bounced/returned mail.

Decided to cancel the Hotmail account but have been going round in circles for the last hour trying to cancel it, it's seriously taxing my patience.
Seems there is no phone or e-mail contact with MS billing, your directed to a forum who post links that eventually end you back at the forum.

Anyone know a surefire way to cancel my account.

Regards Bob

  Technotiger 11:33 18 Jul 2009

As you have already paid for it in advance, I don't think you can cancel it. Just don't renew it when the present one expires.

I also use Hotmail Plus.

  radi8or 11:51 18 Jul 2009


Thanks for response, I'm pretty sure it's an auto recurring account ie. they take it every year from a supplied credit/debit card, short of cancelling my card I think you may be right about not being able to, if what I have tried so far is anything to go by.


Thanks for your link, know what you mean, I googled it myself earlier, loads of misinformation.

Don't understand where all the mails have come from all of a sudden.

Regards Bob

  wee eddie 12:45 18 Jul 2009

If you don't log in for 3 months, it will become dormant.

There is another period, following this, after which it becomes unavailable but you can resuscitated it if you contact them.

  radi8or 12:55 18 Jul 2009

wee eddie hi,

I think that only applies to a free account, but if you are right how do you contact them, I have been trying to find a contact number/address for ages can't find now't.

Appears they are making it so difficult to cancel that you give up and pay 'em

Regards Bob

  keverne 13:17 18 Jul 2009

From the email I received after renewing my subscription:-

For information about your account, go to click here, and select one of the following options:

To update payment information, click on the payment method's link under 'Payment type', on the next page click 'Go to payment method information', and on the next page click 'Edit payment method information'.

For information about canceling a service, click the service name, and then on the next page click 'Cancel my service'.

To view a billing statement for a payment method, click the payment method's link under 'Payment type'.

To review the agreement that you accepted when purchasing a service, click the service name, and then on the next page click 'Read service agreement'.

For help with your account, click 'Contact support'.

  radi8or 13:25 18 Jul 2009

daconnor hi,

Thanks for your link will give it a go now, back in a bit.

  radi8or 13:57 18 Jul 2009

daconnor hi,

Tried each paragraph on your post results where

"update payment info", no problem does what it says.

"Cancel my service", sends you to the forum who give you links the same as in your post.

"Billing statement", No info.

"review agreement", just license blurb.

"Contact Support", sends you to the forum who send you off chasing your tail again.

Thanks for trying daconnor, but unless someone knows a phone number for MS in the UK I think i'll
just get a new credit card and MS can kiss bye bye.

Regards Bob

  Technotiger 14:29 18 Jul 2009

Microsoft Campus, Reading Berkshire. You will be able to speak to an English person, they are pretty helpful.

Let us know how you get on.

  radi8or 15:11 18 Jul 2009


Thanks for that but your a bit late, :0)) after going through dozens of posts on the MS forum I finally found a thread from a chap in the UK, also trying to cancel, and they gave him a phone number, which I promptly rang and in about ten minutes had it all sorted.

The phone number in case anyone is having the same run around is

0800 587 2920

Operaters had European accent could be in Luxembourg where the account is registered, probably another tax haven for Bill ;0))

Thanks to everyone who posted with suggestions/links.

Technotiger have put your number in my little black book, just in case.

Regards Bob

  Technotiger 16:31 18 Jul 2009

OK - thanks for your feedback. Glad it is sorted.

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