Cananyone identify this classic mp3?

  De Marcus 21:56 09 Jul 2005

"Your just too good to be true, can't take my eye's offa you, your like heaven to touch...."

I'm in the middle of transferring my mp3's to another hard drive (upgrade) and was wanting to get more organised in the process, however this mp3 file has somehow lost it's full file name(now renamed to 001.mp3) and although it's on the tip of my tongue, I just can't recall the name. I'd appreciate anyone posting who knows the artist and songname?

  octal 21:58 09 Jul 2005

I think the artist is Andy Williams

  mark2 21:59 09 Jul 2005
  stalion 21:59 09 Jul 2005

Andy Williams I believe it's called I Love Baby

  De Marcus 22:00 09 Jul 2005

Hole in one Octal :-) That was it, thanks very much.


I might be back later for the Rat Pack :-)

  Carpigiani 22:00 09 Jul 2005

Frankie Valli.

'Can't take my eyes off of you'

  De Marcus 22:03 09 Jul 2005

I've got the Andy williams copy, was Frankie Valli the original? I know the song's been covered a lot but there's only a few who did it well.

  Carpigiani 22:15 09 Jul 2005

Frankie Valli was the original, quickly covered by Andy Williams.

  De Marcus 22:19 09 Jul 2005


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