can you use two different routers on one phone lin

  andy63walsh 08:18 07 Nov 2007

can you use two different routers on one phone line. My mate just joined talk talk for his internet provider and they gave him a router that his son has claimed for his room on which he uses his Xbox and laptop, that all works ok. When i put another laptop on and search for wireless connections, it finds the one in his sons room ok, but i can't seem to get it to work. Even if i find my router(I'n next door) and try to connect with that it wont, even when i put my network key in his laptop, any ideas.

  andy63walsh 08:20 07 Nov 2007

Forgot to mention, can i use a different brand of router on the same phone line ? and just connect him to that, mind you it didnt work on that either when i tried !

  LAP 08:31 07 Nov 2007

We use one wireless router for two computers and my son also uses the broadband for his PS3. I think you only want one wireless router to about 10 computers per unit. If I'm wrong someone will soon put it right.

  xania 08:46 07 Nov 2007

I assume you want each router to connect to a different number. I think you will find that each line has to connect to one pre-determined ISP - that's why, when you want to change, you need a special code that is send to BT to make the switch. So the bottom line is no - you cannot have more than one router, you will need a second BT line ot do this.

  cream. 09:38 07 Nov 2007

You can use two routers in the same house but

you must use the same ISP for both, your line is dedicated to that one provider. You can not have two broadband contracts on the one line. As xania

Only one router can be turned on and working at a time. You will nt be able to run both together.

the best bet would be to find out why the laptop will not connect to the router.

1) is the wifi switched on, on the laptop

2) is the laptop vista and the others XP?

3) have you tried to connect the laptop with a lan cable to the router

4) are your isp's with static or dynamic IP address's

  andy63walsh 09:52 07 Nov 2007

1..the wifi is on
2..both laptops are XP.
3..With a lan on the existing router, it does work, but we want it on wireless.
4..Not sure on that question ?
Thanks for advise.

  cream. 13:32 07 Nov 2007

3. when you connect by lan, can you connect to the internet or does it just see the network?

have disabled windows firewall and any otherfirewall the laptop may have and also the firtewall on the router?

also look in control panel, network connections, right click wireless network connection, properties, wireless networks.

the router is probably not listed in there.

pick add, and put the router name in the ssid box, untick the automatic key and put the network key in the boxes, ok and ok.

See if it sees the router now.

  woodchip 14:36 07 Nov 2007

If you have a Wireless Modem Router, Sounds like one of them is, You can connect up to about 127 Wireless connections. Don't think you will need that many. Just get the SSID and Encryption key from the Wireless Router and put this in the Wireless settings of the Computer that wants to connect

  woodchip 14:37 07 Nov 2007

Don't forget if the ISP as got a Cap you will have to watch how much you use

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