Can you use jpgs as signatures in Outlook express?

  jameswalpole 19:35 17 Mar 2003

Can you use jpgs as signatures in Outlook express?

Or is it only txt or html ?

I've made a nice little signature doo dar using photoshop and would like to use it or am I wasting my time ?

  beeuuem 19:47 17 Mar 2003

This thread went into this in some detail
click here
I have a hand written signature on mail with the method I give, though I don't know if 'dannyb' ever got his to work.

  MAJ 19:59 17 Mar 2003

Yes, Jim Toon, you can use jpgs, just don't have the file size too large. Follow that link beeuuem posted and you'll get there.

  jameswalpole 22:23 17 Mar 2003

Seriously frustrated now, I've made a html doc using Word, quoting the location of my signature image, I've ticked the HTML box in the send options of Outlook express but when I send a mail it just shows the HTML text rather than my image.

I know I'm doing something thick but can anyone guide me in the right direction ?

  crx16 22:29 17 Mar 2003

new mail,'insert' jpeg,place it wherever you want

  crx16 22:51 17 Mar 2003

assuming you have a hand written signature,saved as a jpeg,on a white background,hopefully the dimensions are no bigger than the written signature.

in OE create a 'new mail'.address it,subject title then click in the actual window where you type your email.

top of screen click 'format'\background\colour\white.

then,top of screen 'insert'\picture\browse.

find the jpeg and it will be added to the body of the message,you can specify where to put it(top/bottom/absbottom) or drag it to the bottom of your text,and resize if required.

  MAJ 23:13 17 Mar 2003

Would you post the HTML code you're using, Jim Toon.

  DieSse 23:27 17 Mar 2003

Jusat a small point - but do you really want to be spreading your signature in easily reproducible form like that?

  beeuuem 00:40 18 Mar 2003

Jim Toon

Wordperfect seems to create a full html document which makes the creation of the signature file easy. You just insert the image into W/P , save as html and it can be inserted via OE signatures without a problem. I can't get this method to work using Word.
Following the instructions from
click here to the letter I have made it work using Notepad to modify the html. The image source file has to be in the same new 'Signatures' folder as the html code in this method. I only mention that as I didn't do that and then wondered why it wouldn't work.
If I can do it,not knowing anything about HTML, I'm sure that you can.
Good luck.

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