can you use a dongle on Sony Bravia TV?

  buel 11:24 17 Jan 2011

My friend has a Sony Bravia HD ready TV that has a usb port that she is able to plug a usb stick in to+view the images on there. It is also capable of connecting to the net via wireless. Unfortunately she doesn't have broadband yet so she wants to know can she plug a wireless dongle in to the usb port? Does it 'work' like that or does it have to connect to a router? I haven't explained this very well but i hope you can see what im asking?

  woodchip 11:33 17 Jan 2011

If it connects to WiFi then it should not need a Dongle it will be built in, tell her to read the manual. USB on most TV's are34 for Servicing TV only tell her to check writing near to usb port on TV

  buel 12:30 17 Jan 2011

ah i think i haven't explained myself- sorry for this, what i mean is she doesn't have internet access at her house for the tv to connect to so she wanted to use a usb broadband dongle to connect to the usb port but i suspect this wouldn't work?

  xania 12:54 17 Jan 2011

Before you can connect to the Internet, you need access which is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who will typically also provide a modem amd charge a monthly fee with a minimum connect time (typically 12 or 19 months). Once this is in place, the moden will typically have a wireless capability which will connect it wirelessly to a usb broadband dongle. There then follows the next question whether this dongle will work with a TV. This I doubt, as you need a key board and mouse to navigate the Internet so a computer of some sort will also be required. There is typically no reason why a TV cannot be used as a second monitor, but the two essentials missing from your request are the connection to the Internet and the means to navigate the internet.

  woodchip 13:49 17 Jan 2011

TV can be connected to the Internet For shopping such as Tesco, no mouse needed or Keyboard the Wireless is built into the TV using Remote to Navigate Web page. But you do need a ISP provider that normally supply a Router TalkTalk and BT supply Wireless routers, if you are on there network.
A USB Dongle will not work in the TV as Software and driver as to be loaded for them to work

  GaT7 14:09 17 Jan 2011

See 'How to connect your BRAVIA® to the Internet' click here, which lists the possible ways to connect your TV to the Internet.

Some of their TVs have wireless integrated apparently, while others need their wireless dongle click here - main grouch 'too expensive' click here.

But as the guys have already mentioned, you need to have a broadband Internet connection to be able to achieve it. G

  GaT7 14:23 17 Jan 2011

click here for Wi-Fi setup instructions in a related PCA thread that may be useful. G

  buel 15:17 17 Jan 2011

Thank you so much for some great replies, that is so helpful! Ok, i just have 2 more questions-
1, am i right in thinking that if my friend were to have a laptop/desktop anywhere (within range) in the house that is connected to the internet via either a broadband dongle or via a router then the TV could pick the 'signal' up and connect that way (or, as the link above suggests, if it's not the LX or NX model, it would be via an ethernet cable)
2, am i right in thinking that the TV doesn't actually connect to the internet as such but to youtube, bbc iplayer etc?

  GaT7 15:34 17 Jan 2011

1. To be able to answer this correctly, tell us the exact TV model your friend owns.

2. I think it should be able to connect to any site on the Internet that your friend chooses (but let me confirm that).

If he/she has a model that can use Sony Internet TV (click here), then it looks like only certain content is available (as you mention) & no PC/laptop is required:

"With no need for a PC, you can access a world of online video entertainment direct from the comfort of your sofa via your BRAVIA TV’s XrossMediaBar™..."

Watch the video there by clicking on the red button after 'See how it works'. G

  buel 22:20 17 Jan 2011

Hi again,
Sorry for the delay, the model is KDL-40EX403
Does this help?

Ps- this help is very much appreciated!!

  GaT7 22:46 17 Jan 2011

Having had a look at the official Sony webpage for this particular model click here, it states (under the Feature tab):

"Wireless LAN Ready – add SONY UWA-BR100 USB dongle and you can easily connect to your wireless home network without the clutter of cables"

The very next line says:

"BRAVIA Internet Video (BIV) – connect your TV directly to the Internet to access online services, stream full-screen videos and watch the programmes you missed on catch-up TV (available services subject to country)"

Hence it is possible to connect this TV wirelessly with the help of their special dongle & also be able to access BIV without the need of a computer/laptop (despite the lack of this info at click here for this model).

If the TV has a 'LAN' port (should do, but check), an ethernet cable or homeplug can also be used instead. In short, all the FOUR options are available for this TV, but I would confirm it with them - click here for contact details.

Your neighbour would of course still need to join an ISP to get broadband. Most, if not all, will provide a wireless router by default. G

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