Can you Use another Modem for talktalk

  zemdarin 14:49 14 Dec 2006

I had a discussion about trying to use a BT Voyager 105 modem for talktalk and did not manage to do so. The new question is, Does anybody use any other modem with talktalk other than the ones they supply. If so how did you set it up, drivers etc.

  Jackcoms 14:53 14 Dec 2006

Why have you started a second thread on the same subject, when the original thread is still open? click here

  zemdarin 15:01 14 Dec 2006

This isn't the same thread, I am asking if anybody has used a different modem for talk talk other than the ones they supply. If you read the other posting it didn't come to anything so I want to find out if other people have used a different modem. If you know the answer why didn't you join in and give me the information I am seeking.

  Dipso 15:06 14 Dec 2006

If you went for a router rather than a modem there wouldn't be the same issues with drivers etc.

  Jackcoms 15:12 14 Dec 2006

The question is essentially the same as in your original thread (which I note you've now ticked).

You were (and are) trying to establish how to use a modem other than the one provided by your ISP.

Please stick to one thread. Starting a new one on the same subject will not bring a quicker response.

A modem is a modem is a modem. Presumably you have a CD with it to load the drivers.

If you have a CD from talktalk, use that to load their settings.

  zemdarin 15:30 14 Dec 2006

Yes I ticked the box because nobody had said they had used a different modem with talktalk. If as you say a modem is a modem why can't I get the BT voyager 105 to work with talktalk. I have done as you say used the BT CD to load the drivers but not before it loads a whole lot of other things, which I then have to uninstall. You just cannot get it to load the drivers on its own. I have also used the talktalk CD and said I wanted to use the modem I have, with the details they gave me. That also hasn't worked. Hence I want to know what other people do and what settings they use in plain English. If somebody asked me something that I knew I would explain very carefully what they would need to do, and that is what I was hopeing for here.

  zemdarin 15:31 14 Dec 2006

Thank you for answer Dipso but I haven't used a router before, and would need to read about it first to see what it does better than an ordinary modem.

  namtas 15:46 14 Dec 2006

A modem is fairly basic device and most will work on a generic setting without needing any specific driver to get it to work, In my experience most problems are a result of an incorrect setting up, if this is not too basic for you have a look here click here

  zemdarin 16:10 14 Dec 2006

Thank you namtas have had a look and followed the XP tutorial but could not work out what those speed figures were. In my modem the setting is either 64K 56K digital or 56K voice. The dial I am using just says ADSL. If I plugged the voyager modem into my computer would it just work without adding the drivers from the BT CD. I have explored the BT CD and copied the driver files to my C:\ drive but when browsing for them the folder doesn't show that it has drivers in it.
I have put my username in and password, but keep getting an error. I have changed to
ISDN channel -USB ADSL WAN Adapter and get nothing.

  Dipso 16:45 14 Dec 2006

Does this link to downlaod the drivers help? click here

  zemdarin 16:57 14 Dec 2006

Thanks Dipso. I have downloaded the drivers, now all I need to know is, do I just plug the modem in and wait for it to ask me for the drivers or at least browse for them when I have extracted them from the folder.

Normaly the thing that bothers me is every modem you install asks you not to connect the final lead until the drivers are on the computer. So do I install them first and then connect. Oh well I can always try and see what happens. I still have the talktalk modem and Cd.

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