can you save installed xp sp1 to cdrw

  pookie 12:50 23 Jul 2003

can you save downloaded service pack 1 and other installed updates to cdrw before a format and reinstall of xp is done?

many thanks


  jimv7 12:52 23 Jul 2003

Yes you can click here

  dfghjkl 22:36 23 Jul 2003

i am a bit of a novice when it comes to copying but how can this be done? sorry to impose,

  DieSse 23:14 23 Jul 2003

No, you can't , not after it has been installed. What you CAN do is download it and save it then and there, for install at a later date.

When it's installed, the updated files are just some of the many Windows files, there is no way you can seperate them out.

  powerless 01:40 24 Jul 2003
  rsturbo 02:09 24 Jul 2003

norton ghost 2002 or above to create an 'image' of your hdd its easy and very useful

  temp003 04:05 24 Jul 2003

Note that the download of SP1a for "express installation" is only a small initial download. When you execute the file, you need to maintain your internet connection, and SP1a will scan your computer to decide what else needs to be further downloaded.

If you want the full download (in the event of future reinstalls), choose the "network installation". It will still only install those components specific to your computer, but the whole thing is well over 100 MB (which is OK if you have braodband).

Note also that SP1a does not contain the java virtual machine. You'll need to download and install it. click here

In future, you can turn off Automatic Updates, go to the Windows Update page, click Personalise Windows Update, and tick the box for displaying Windows Update Catalogue. Click Save Settings. This will appear as an extra item on the left near the bottom. Let Windows Update scan your computer for necessary updates, then click Windows Update Catalogue and search for the relevant updates. You can then save the downloads to your hard drive for future installations.

Or for each scanned update, click Read More, which usually contains a link to the download page for your OS, and download from there to your hard disk for future use. Better still, if you have a download manager, right cick the download button and click Download with [your download manager], which is usually quicker.

  Jester2K II 08:59 24 Jul 2003

You can download the full SP-1a Patch from click here

click here - 133Mb

  Chegs ® 10:23 24 Jul 2003

I haven't been able to find the pages but I d/loaded the SP-1 update,saved it and the XP OS into a folder on my puter,then burnt the SP-1 update AND XP onto a cdr,so I can simply install this.I followed the instructions at the site to the letter,around 12mths ago.

  Jester2K II 10:48 24 Jul 2003

click here

Make a Windows XP SP-1 CD from your old Windows XP CD and the SP-1 Update (ie make a Windows XP CD that will have SP-1 already installed should you ever reinstall XP)

  pookie 13:09 24 Jul 2003

thanks for all replies.

i've used powerless link and order the sp1 update disk from microsoft at no charge. microsoft have emailed me confirmation of this and i'll have the disk within 28 days.

thanks again


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