can you run adaware and spywareblaster on 2 pc's?

  wots it all about 23:41 19 Jul 2005

Can you have adaware and spywareblaster (paid versions) on 2 pc's? We installed them on our old one and when I downloaded the free versions on the 2nd pc, I was hoping I could enter the serial/key and have the full version, but I cant find where to enter it. I dont mind uninstalling them from the old pc, as it is to be used as a backup (not on net) so if any one can tell me, I would be grateful...thanks.

  spuds 23:53 19 Jul 2005

Don't quite follow your question. I cannot recall that you require serial/key details for the free versions.Just download AdAware click here and SpywareBlaster click here to your computer and that should be it.

  dan11 23:59 19 Jul 2005

For spywareblaster, try this;

Start > all programmes > spayware blaster > spywareblaster autoupdate configuration and open. If it is like mine, the enter key tab should be there.

  wots it all about 00:22 20 Jul 2005

Thanks dan11 ! That looks like it for spywareblaster, perhaps there is a way for adaware too then? Will have another poke around.
Spuds, as I say I have them both installed (free versions) but want the benefits of the paid versions on my new pc, and was hoping I could just enter my key somewhere to upgrade them. Dan11 has found a way for sblaster, so thats fab.

  Danoh 00:22 20 Jul 2005

Presumably you paid for the full versions online. That would have activated the servers you were connected to, to download upgrades for the 2 programs on your old PC. If you had selected "Run" rather than "Save" onto your hard disk to install later.

If so, to get the full versions on your 2nd PC, you will have to go through the online purchasing process and pay again. Alternatively, you can contact the vendors of Adaware and Spywareblaster and inform them of the situation. If the licencing allows you to uninstall from your old 1st PC and run on your new 2nd PC, they might agree to provide you with a method to download and install the full versions on your 2nd PC.

  wots it all about 00:33 20 Jul 2005

Yes, I paid for them online. I suppose i will have to pay again or just have the free versions, oh well!

  Zion_Lion 00:38 20 Jul 2005

HI there... spywareblaster is freeware anyway, so you dont have to pay for it, you only need to make a donation if you so wish.
As for the paid for version of Ad-Aware, if you was able to save the install file to to your C:\ drive (rather that the program self installing) you could save the file onto disc and install it on your other pc, or if you have your pc's networked you could transfer the install file that way.
If Ad-Aware installs itself without you beeing able to save the install file, then your out of luck.
Although bare in mind (legual stuff) that unless stated by the sofware vendor, you only pay for licence to use it on one pc.

Regards ZL

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