can you restore win2000 to a previous time

  geeza 11:22 02 Feb 2005

having problems with internet explorer, is it possible with win2000 to restore to a previous point

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 11:30 02 Feb 2005

you would need to use a third party utility 2k its self doesnt have system restore

  geeza 11:31 02 Feb 2005

is there a way to repair IE or will it have to be reinstalled

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 11:36 02 Feb 2005

what is the problem with IE?

  geeza 11:43 02 Feb 2005

ZB...Its not my machine...a work colleague is unable to connect to the internet...the dial up is saying its connected, but when rebooted it came up with IE has caused errors and will close...he has tried mozilla.firefox and it times out. any ideas

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 11:49 02 Feb 2005

if it is a corperate machine you will have to get your it people to have a look if it is a private machine it may well be worth reinstalling or if you you are not on version6 update to it as this will replace missing files

  gudgulf 12:22 02 Feb 2005

What antivirus/firewall software is he using? These can sometimes block you from accessing web sites (my Norton NIS2005 did just that recently).If Firefox can't connect either then it might not be IE that's at fault.Get him to try switching off the firewall or better still reinstalling it.Only switch it off for as long as it takes to check if this cures the problem.

Also scanning for adware spyware would be a good idea.

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