Can you recommend a flight sim program?

  musicbassman 19:15 21 May 2003

My twelve year old son was given an old flight sim program called Flight Unlimited, which was a bit basic to say the least, but he's had fun with it. Can anyone suggest a decent current program for PC I could buy him ? Thanks.

  BrianW 19:22 21 May 2003

What's wrong with going for the standard - FS2002 (or hang on a bit and get 2003). Check the spec of your machine though as FS requires quite a fair spec to get the best out of it.

  Totally-braindead 19:22 21 May 2003

Providing your PC meets the minimum requirements you can't go far wrong with Microsoft Flight Sim, the old version 98, is now available on budget for only a tenner or of course you caould shell out for the new one, about £40 I believe.

  hugh-265156 19:28 21 May 2003

fs2002 was £70 or so when it came out first.might be able to pick it up cheap though as above new one due out soon.aint no better filght sim.

there is also combat fs available and the 02 version is good but not a sim more,arcarde. the 03 version leave well alone is nowhere near as good.

screen shots click here

  kuhbler 20:24 21 May 2003

If he just want to fly about and shoot stuff, Crimson Skys is fun and I think it is out on cheap budget. It is just an arcade shooter type thing (pitch, roll, throttle and guns, none of the hard stuff!), but I quite like it!

  musicbassman 20:29 21 May 2003

Thanks for your advice. Will the 98 version run on XP ?

  prima12 20:37 21 May 2003

Hi all, These programs that have been suggested, would they be alright for a bright 7 year old, or would they be a bit difficult for him? If they were a bit to advanced for him, can anybody recommend a suitable program that he may be able to use? He has a real keen interest in aircraft.

  hugh-265156 20:40 21 May 2003

yes it will.and you can download extra planes and adventures etc from click here

  hugh-265156 20:43 21 May 2003

if you use a joystick it make it a lot easier.
it is more of a training tool than a game but if i can play it any seven year old wont be long picking it up.:-)

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