can you reccomend website software 2 display items

  dougle00 20:18 29 Mar 2007

I am starting a little venture and want to create a website showing lots of things I have tor organisations to rent from me.

Does anyone know of any software that would be good for showing and searching among loads of photos? I don't want something like photobucket as I want the software on my site.

I was hoping for something free as well.

Thanks for any help.

  bennyhillslovechild 20:37 29 Mar 2007

If you are looking for free Web Gallery software there's loads out there. But Jalbum is pretty good, quite simple to use (just drag and drop your photos into it) has a search feature, different skins to change the way it looks, built in FTP for uploading to your webhost etc.
click here
I've never used it personally, but it's had several awards and I know a few people who use it and love it.

I hope this is the kind of thing you were looking for....

  dougle00 20:39 29 Mar 2007

Bloody hell Benny, that looks perfect. Thanks mate, will download it and have a look.


  bennyhillslovechild 23:16 29 Mar 2007

Good good, hope it works out for you. If it does, don't forget to tick thread as 'resolved', if you would, please. :)

  dougle00 23:47 29 Mar 2007

Hi Benny, I have tried it but I'm not sure it fits the total bill. It is wikid for displaying photos but I can't find a search function on it. This search function will be essential for me as I will have tonnes of photos. Maybe I missed it but prelim checks cannot find it after publishing.


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