dnjl 21:43 17 Feb 2007

If I buy an external hard drive and store computer games on it can I plug it into either my main computer or laptop and play the games from it?

  Technotiger 21:45 17 Feb 2007

Hi, yes, you can play games which are installed on the external hard drive, but only on the original pc it is connected to for the install.

  Technotiger 21:48 17 Feb 2007

PS - when installing the games, make sure that the installation is directed to the external hard-drive, otherwise the pc will still try to install to your main 'C' drive.

  citadel 22:18 17 Feb 2007

I would think usb is too slow to transfer info when playing a game.

  Technotiger 22:33 17 Feb 2007

Hi, I play some very fast games from my external usb hard drive - no problem at all.

  dnjl 23:28 17 Feb 2007

DID NOT QUITE UNDERSTAND YOUR REPLY. What info would I be transferring whilst playing a game.

  vinnyT 05:01 18 Feb 2007

Normally when you install a game, app, or whatever, the default install directory is something like C:\windows\programs\game, you want it installed to your external drive, so you must direct it to this drives assigned letter (eg H:\gamename).

Even if you have installed to the external drive, most installations put important files (and also add registry changes) on the main (c:\) os drive. So, if you plug your ex drive into a diff pc, the game prob wouldn't be able to run.

I suppose a way around this would be to install the game on each pc, directing the install to your ex drive, so the required files are on each pc.

Hope this helps.

  Technotiger 07:34 18 Feb 2007

Hi, do not worry about info given by citadel - just confusing the issue. Believe me games run just as well on external drives, as they do on internal drives. I have been playing some great games on my erternal drive - FSX DeLuxe, Rally Championship Extreme, Trainz 2004, to name a few - They all run at lightning speed.

  Technotiger 07:36 18 Feb 2007

PS - Please do not use Capital letters, it is considered as SHOUTING and is no encouraged on the Forum.

Not telling you off - just for your information!

  dnjl 10:41 18 Feb 2007



Do you have a special gaming computer - could I play games on my normal laptop via the external hard drive and would I need any additional items. Also some free game I got requires a 3d card. Where would I put this - there is no card slot in my laptop?

  Technotiger 10:51 18 Feb 2007

Hmmm, laptop is pretty useless for games, except the very simple variety. Desktop is much better. I don't have a special gaming pc just a fairly good spec desktop. 3d card no good for laptop.

My spec, briefly - total 560Gb HD (includes external HD), 2Gb RAM, 1.8Ghz CPU. nVidia GeForce6600 PCI Express/256MB(64Bit)3D.

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