Can you network an XP laptop with a Vista PC?

  Ted-319069 11:13 24 Mar 2007

I am awaiting delivery of my new PC and wondered if I could network my laptop Pc and printer together. I have a wireless router and both will share a broadband internet connection both will have a wired connection but the laptop is also used wirelessly. Thanks!

  BurrWalnut 15:30 24 Mar 2007


  provider 2 15:32 24 Mar 2007


  Ashrich 20:31 24 Mar 2007

Doing it now !


  Ted-319069 22:49 24 Mar 2007

Many thanks for all you inputs

  montypuss 11:56 26 Mar 2007

I'm having trouble networking an ACER Vista Home Premium Laptop with an XP Home DELL desktop.

No problem sharing an encrypted Netgear Router Broadband fed from Telewest cable.

But cannot get them to recognise each other and be a network for joint printer sharing.

Can I expect the Wizard on XP using a USB Memory Stick to set up the Acer? (It doesn't for me).

I've tried several network setups in each and in the ACER they all show but can't get the DELL to successfully accept any of the names.

The router name seems to take precedence over any Network name I use.
Presumably a Workgroup is the same as a Network - or is it?

In hope...Montypuss

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