can you identfy a camera lens from a photo?

  carver 11:04 16 Mar 2015

Can you identfy a camera lens from a photo, reason I'm asking is that I know you can identify the camera which is not a problem but I need to identify the lens I was using for the insurance company.

I've had the camera for a few years and purchased the lens at the same time but can't find the receipt for the lens or camera, it's not a cheep lens or camera.

I can prove from my photos that the camera is the one I have claimed for but they want proof that the lenses are as stated in the claim, I can get aperture, focal length, plus other stuff but can't find any info about the make of the lenses.

These camera parts are now 5 years old and I lost or misplaced the receipts some time ago, stupid insurance company asked if I knew were I had lost them, when I explained that if I knew that they would not be lost, he wasn't very quick to catch on.

So is it possible to find the lens information from a photo?

  northumbria61 12:01 16 Mar 2015

You may find something to help HERE Sorry I can't be of further help

  Ian in Northampton 13:02 16 Mar 2015

I just checked on IrfanView's EXIF data listing and, while it gives some information about the lens used in terms of zoom, aperture etc. it doesn't tell you the manufacturer/model number. I've seen a program recommended called PhotoMEwhich is said to show more lens data, but I don't know if that includes manufacturer etc.

  carver 14:43 16 Mar 2015

Thanks for your help, it appears that using Sigma lenses with a canon body could be why it doesn't show more detail about the lens model.

One problem is the shop I bought the lenses from in 2010 moved and had a clear out of old receipts so even they can't help.

  Daisy_Michael 14:48 16 Mar 2015

Can I have an image & I'd surely come up with the details; you may also try to upload the image to FLICKR and from here you can get the details about everything including the lens (from the EXIF).

  bumpkin 14:54 16 Mar 2015

If you paid by card they might accept a card statement if you still have one.

  bumpkin 15:04 16 Mar 2015

What happened to the camera lost/stolen?

  bumpkin 15:17 16 Mar 2015

Sorry not really relevant but about 20yrs back a friend of mine, a professional cameraman had an £18,000 (then) video camera 2months old and dropped it in the sea.

  carver 16:03 16 Mar 2015

bumpkin I paid by cash, got a good deal on the equipment and got receipt for every thing so had a warranty but after 5 years I have pieces of paper that are just blank with no idea what's on them.

Why do receipts lose all the details, built in self eraser?

About the camera, lets just say it got borrowed

  carver 16:08 16 Mar 2015

bumpkin sorry for sounding vague but it wasn't borrowed from the house but while we were out.

  bumpkin 16:28 16 Mar 2015

Yes that is vague for whatever reason. I am trying to help having had various dealings with insurance companies over the years. Assuming you don't know who "borrowed" it, did you report it to the police and get a crime reference number. This is the sort of thing insurance companies require or they will be wondering why not.

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