Can you have two versions

  iqs 14:20 19 May 2007

of Microsoft Office installed on the same PC?.My PC came installed with a vary basic Microsoft works,I would like to install Microsoft Office 2003 pro.Can both work side by side?.Cheers all :-)

  [email protected] 14:23 19 May 2007

yep no problem at all for those 2 ,works isnt office though so its not 2 copies

  iqs 18:34 19 May 2007

*THE RAVEN* for your help.Cheers

  Daveboy 21:41 19 May 2007

I would only install one instance of any one programme, say Word, Office would be the one to stick with.

  skeletal 22:25 19 May 2007

Yes you can, I have done just this myself in the past. Three things you should be aware of:

If you save a file using the new version, you may not be able to open it, or it may have some feature disabled, if you open it in the old version. You can overcome this if you save in the old file format, when using the new version (but you will get a warning that some features will disappear).

If you write code in the VBA editor, you may get a similar problem, but with the added complication of not necessarily having the correct versions of Office set up in the References. If you don’t write code then this need not concern you.

Access can get its knickers in a twist if you set up digital signatures and try to work on a database (and underlying code) and swap between Office versions. You can suddenly find you can no longer edit your code.


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