Can you have two routers set up for one broadband

  erkmatrix 10:20 19 Feb 2009

Is it possible to have two routers set up if you only have one broandband connection. The reason I ask is we have a netgear router that has my computer plugged in by ethernet connection, thats fine but my mate in the living room on his Acer laptap keeps losing the internet connection. Its all very annoying as he has to turn it off and restart his laptop to get it back. Its not a big flat, the laptop is only 15 - 20 metres away from the router and have recently bought him a Netgear WG511T wireless adapter for it to see if that would improve things as he was using the internal one before. But no it still disconnects. I've tried changing channels to for the broadband but no still does it.

Only other solution is to buy another router and he uses it more on a night so we would only have the one router on at one time. But is that possible to set it up to work with two routers.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:31 19 Feb 2009

click here 2 of these and your problems are solved.


  erkmatrix 10:42 19 Feb 2009

cool I never knew such things like these existed. Do you have a recommendation on which one to go for. Sounds like the solution though. Thanks for the link

  kjrider 11:20 19 Feb 2009

You can just plug one into another, with a lenght of ethernet cable.

As we have a large place, its good to have one at each side of the house. They are both wifi routers, and I have put them on different wifi channels.

I got the last one of ebay for £5.


  howard64 17:34 19 Feb 2009

I have 2 routers obviously they both cannot be on at the same time but each one is simply set up with your login and password. Your only problem will be when both of you want to go online at the same time. Could I suggest that you put your existing router in your mates room and you use the wireless dongle. This would establish if you get the same problem indicating a fault with the router or if the problem disappears it was a fault with mates setup. If no fault then occurs you have solved the problem without cost.

  ashleycardwell94 00:24 20 Feb 2009

If the modems are ADSL modems you cant because they will conflict with the line. you could also bridge the connections to get more of a distance as long as they are both in range of each other but only on different channels!!

  steve12345 01:10 20 Feb 2009

It might be a power saving setting with his Acer Laptop (I have one). It switches off the wireless networking after a set time of inactivity to save power.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, look for the battery-state/charge-icon and right click it and select "Power-Options". From here you can set various settings including telling the laptop to not switch off the built-in wifi adaptor.

Hope that is what the problem is and goodluck with it.

  erkmatrix 15:11 20 Feb 2009

Thanks for the replies

Right it might be that cause I think he uses it for football live comments whilst he watches the game so it might disconnect cause he isn't press anything. but would it do this still as he is now on a wireless netgear adapter card slotted into the side not built in internal one.

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