Can you have to much Virus Defence?

  blocker11 23:16 21 Dec 2006


I have Kaspersky Internet Secruity 6.0, plus i run Ad-Adaware Personel every week, and i'm considering downloading Windows Defender as recommeded on this site, will any of these programs conflict with each other??

Also is window's defender a worthwhile tool to have even with the other 2 programs?


  RobCharles1981 23:30 21 Dec 2006

I recomend Spyware Terminiator

click here

  johnnyrocker 23:36 21 Dec 2006

yes defender is vey useful and will cause no probs, i suspect you are confusing virus with malware ( clarification would be good ) my set up is avg7.5 free defender, adaware,spybot, and cc cleaner for any difficult to shift issues


  Belatucadrus 23:41 21 Dec 2006

The specific answer to your question "Can you have to much Virus Defence?" is yes, very easily. Never have more than one AntiVirus program as the result can be very unpleasant.
If you're looking at Anti Ad/Spyware then the answer is less clear cut as most of the freebies like Ad-Aware are passive scanners and as such unlikely to clash. Some however like Defender and Spyware Terminator have active shield components and I wouldn't add more than one of them. Of the two I prefer Terminator.

  Ptolemy 13:24 22 Dec 2006

Blocker11 - As a KAV 6 user I'm curious if you ever find anything with Adaware. My experience is that that Kaspersky's definition include viruses, spyware, malware, adware and Trojans so there is nothing for others to find.

  vinnyT 13:33 22 Dec 2006

Ptolemy, with adware/malware/etc it is a good idea to have more than one checker, this is because they often overlap, ie ad-aware may detect something that spybot does not, and vice-versa. By having more than one checker (and importantly, keeping them updated) you are giving yourself the best chance of detecting a nasty on your system.

  blocker11 13:33 22 Dec 2006

As of yet adaware hasn't picked up anything, but i find KAV 6 confusing to use (mainly the firewall) as everytimei am on the net i get pop asking to "Allow" or "Block" information to and from the net. So i'm never 100% sure that i haven't let in anything that i shouldn't?

Do you have any advice about how to set up the anti hacker?


  Ollyolly 13:33 22 Dec 2006

I curretly run a host of security software and to my relief I've generally had no problems. My biggest problem is finding the time to ensure everything is up to date and running correctly.
I'm now considering buying a single do-it-all package and I see you are running Kaspersky Internet Secruity 6.0.
How have you found it?

  Ptolemy 14:15 22 Dec 2006

vinnyT - I am awar of the arg uments in favour of having multiple protections. I have found that since I started using KAV Adaware never finds anything except low threat "cookies" (which actually contain log-on info for sites) as KAV eliminates everythimg else. After a couple of months of wasting my time with Adaware finding nothing I stopped using it. This post has made me think about it again so I'm going to run Adaware now for the first time in ages - I bet it deosn;ty find anything.

blocker11 - I only have the KAV (Kaspersky anti-virus) part, not KIS (Internet Security) so don't have the anti-hacker componet. I found KAV a bit confusing to begin with but once I settled down and read through all the options I began to see the light. If you continue to have problems Kaspersky run a forum of their own click here?

  Phphred 14:37 22 Dec 2006

Well my Panda has jut stopped a dialer which was in "Adobe reader 8" download from THE TELEGRAPH newspaper!!!

  vinnyT 15:02 22 Dec 2006

Ptolemy while ad-aware is ok, I think avg antispyware (formally known as ewido) may be better, click here

PS I hope that your pc is totally clean and free of any nasties:)

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