Can you get more than two IDE drives on one cable

  Richard 11:07 25 Jan 2004

I have just replaced my CD rom with a DVD read writer and I was wondering whether instead of removing the old cd drive I could somehow have three drive connected.

I have a dvd drive and a dvd rw drive one cable IDE 2 and two hard disks on cable IDE 1. I have an Asus A7V8X motherboard and I am not using the raid configuration as yet.

  gold 47 11:11 25 Jan 2004

I would say no unless anyone out there knows otherwise.

  Nellie2 11:11 25 Jan 2004

Um... no!! Your DVD drive will read CD Roms perfectly well.

  Richard 11:14 25 Jan 2004

I was just trying to make use of the cd rom and not resign it to the bin.

The number of changes I have made to the PC has lead to almost enough to make another one.

  Mike ® 11:15 25 Jan 2004

If you have a spare pci slot, you can get an ide card then you will be able to connect to that.

  Mike ® 11:19 25 Jan 2004

Such as click here

  Richard 11:25 25 Jan 2004

Thank you all. I thought it would mean more expense for a PCI card.

I think I will see what I have and possibly make another PC from the bits. I know the local school is after PC's. I think the only bits I need are the case and motherboard they have screens already.

I will leave this open to see if anyone else has any suggestions.

  Rennaissance 11:28 25 Jan 2004

even if you connect that extra cd drive, there will be no point as i bet you will hardly use it at all. Maybe you can try and sell it if it works well.

  Smiler 12:07 25 Jan 2004

Your motherboard has a raid connection on it. Why don't you put your second hard drive onto this connection then put the cd on with the first hard drive( don't put the cd on the raid this is a definate no no). I would think that you can use the raid connection without actually setting up your hard drives as raid. I've tried looking for the english manusl for your board to see if there is any info regarding this but I have failed so far. Maybe someone out there has the same motherboard and can help.

  Smiler 12:51 25 Jan 2004

Found your manual and I think that if you go into your bios and enable the ONBOARD SATA/IDE CONTROLLER as stated on page 5-26 of the manual but DON'T set the onboard sata device first field to yes. Then do not build an array when rebooting see diag in 5.4.2 section 1. This should give you your second hard drive (Make sure it is set to master) but on thre raid controller.

I have two raid connectors on my mother board with a hard disc on each but no raid set up, then on my IDE connections I have two cd-r's, a DVD RW and an Iomega zip drive. no problems.

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