Can you get this connector?

  TommyRed 19:21 05 Mar 2004

My broadband was activated today 8 days earlier than I expected, but I'm having a problem connecting from upstairs where my PC is normally situated. It wouldn't connect and the techie at PlusNet suggested trying it directly into the phone socket downstairs, which is where I am now. It's connecting ok here which suggests there is either a problem with the extension cable to upstairs or more likely the heath robinson connector from the end of the extension cable to the splitter which is a spare splitter that I've got. As you know the splitter has 2 inlets one for the phone and one for the modem but my extension lead has a telephone socket on the end which is to large for the inlet. So can I get a connector which will reduce from the telehone socket to the modem socket or alternatively replace the telehone extension lead with a modem extension lead, about 7 metres long. TIA TR

  LastChip 19:29 05 Mar 2004

Any decent computer store can supply.

  TommyRed 19:33 05 Mar 2004

I've got a Maplins close by, will that do? TR

  Belatucadrus 19:37 05 Mar 2004

click here
1st class post is £2.95

  LastChip 19:48 05 Mar 2004

I think Maplins carry stock, if not (dare I say!) PC World!

  whatsupdoc 20:04 05 Mar 2004

please don't use foul language like PCWORLD. its most

  grey george 20:05 05 Mar 2004

If you have gone broadband you will need a micro filter, you cannot plug your adsl modem direct into the phone socket.
plug the extension cable into your down stairs socket and then the filter {which should have two outlets one for phone & one for the broadband modem.}into the extension cable.
With broadband you can use your phone at same time as your modem. The micro filter prevents the modem from interfering with your voice line.

  LastChip 20:22 05 Mar 2004

You can plug an ADSL modem straight into your telephone line without any filters.

You can't however, (if making or receiving telephone calls) plug your telephone, answerphone FAX, etc. or any other devices straight into the line whilst data is being transmitted or received . It is these devices that need the filter capabilities to operate correctly whilst data is being transmitted via ADSL.

Just out of interest, if no data is being transmitted or received, you can also plug your telephone straight into the socket and it will work just fine.

It is only during the transfer of data, the filters come into play.

  grey george 20:30 05 Mar 2004

ok, so lets say if you don't use a micro filter
your phone won't work when your on line.
and if you use the filter you will not need anouther cable

  TommyRed 16:31 06 Mar 2004

My local Maplin's didn't have a cable long enough so I had to go to a local computer shop, but now all sorted. TR

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