Can you check it???

  ashleycardwell94 15:15 23 Feb 2009

please tell me if my site is OK, please i realy need a second opinion.

click here

Thanks orjones webmaster!

  ashleycardwell94 19:57 23 Feb 2009

Thanks for the comments, I will update the website as soon as possible. Thanks for the advice and it has all been taken into mind - Ashley Cardwell

  MAT ALAN 21:33 23 Feb 2009

13nd - 5th OCTOBER 2009 3 DAYS


Not quite sure about this bit!!!!

turkey and tinsel in OCTOBER, bit early for me...


13nd - 5th OCTOBER 2009

13nd = ?

tours 1,2,4,5,6,7 in English tour 3 in Welsh only

tour 2 in English and Welsh, all a bit confusing...

  ashleycardwell94 21:40 23 Feb 2009

thanks for pointing out this mistake for me!!!
it now has been corrected. And yes 2 languages.
(it is how it is done in the booklet!

  MAT ALAN 21:41 23 Feb 2009

Some pretty basic spelling mistakes along the way too i'm afraid...

"Irish Motorcycle road racing"


  MAT ALAN 21:46 23 Feb 2009

The two languages are not a problem in that sense but would look better if they where divided, as a translation of one or the other

  ashleycardwell94 22:49 23 Feb 2009

can you please show me where the mistakes are
E.G tour number and how many lines down

Thanks =

  Simsy 17:48 24 Feb 2009

of the coach, towards the bottom left of the page is, in file terms, MUCH too big. It's almost 1Mb. Folk with dial up will have problems with this.

I've got it down to 26kb with no problems at all.

You should be able to do this in any image editor.

Good luck,



  Forum Editor 17:49 24 Feb 2009

that you get someone to carefully check all the text on the site.

Right on your front page you have:

"Download our booking form and out own toolbar!"

I'm sure you can see what's wrong with that.

"Thing's You Should Know" on your pick up points page should read: "Things you should know". Sentences start with a capital letter, don't drop them in willy nilly, and learn about the correct use of apostrophes.

On the same page: "3) A minimum number of passengers is required on every excursion. If this is not reached four days before departure, the company reserves the right to cancel, and inform all pasengers."

Substitute: A minimum number of passengers is required for each excursion. If the required number of bookings has not been reached four days before the scheduled date of departure we reserve the right to cancel the excursion. All passengers will be informed immediately, should cancellation be necessary.

"......You are advised to contact us to ensure you will be at the correct point athe correct time"

Would be better as: "Please contact us prior to the departure date to confirm the pick up point and time of departure."

There are many other errors, and badly constructed sentences, but I'm afraid I don't have the time to offer corrections for them all.

An absolutely essential part of creating a professional-looking website is the ability to turn out text that is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. We're all guilty of typos from time to time, but they should be spotted when you proof-read, and corrected before your site goes live. If written English isn't your strong point get someone else to act as a text editor.

Finally, your booking form link points to a download, which is something that many people prefer to be warned about - it would be better if the link read 'Download our booking form'.

It's worse - the form is a Microsoft Publisher document, and the vast majority of your potential customers won't be able to open it - they will not have Microsoft Publisher installed on their computers. Convert your original file to PDF format, and upload that to the server - almost everyone can open PDF files. In case there are people who don't have the Adobe reader installed you should include a link to it - there's a download link somewhere on the Adobe site.

A much better way to deal with bookings is to create an online form, and let people book direct via their browser - they don't have to download anything. If you don't take online payments it doesn't matter, when your customers click the 'submit' button on the form you can arrange for them to be sent to a page that says 'Thank you for your booking, we will contact you shortly to confirm your reservation, and to arrange to collect payment'.

Come back to this thread if you need help with how to do all that.

You can probably gather that you have a great deal of work still to do if you want to end up with a professional-looking site. We'll help you, provided you're prepared to put in the effort; the result will be worth it.

  ashleycardwell94 20:15 24 Feb 2009

thanks very much for this info.

I might make an online booking form !!! that's a great idea!!!

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