Can you buy PC's from the US?

  Muzzy78 15:29 26 Aug 2006


I'm looking to buy a new PC. At the moment, DELL and MESH seem to be offering the best deals.

Whilst bargain hunting, I noticed that the US website equivalents of some companies (not necessarily Dell or Mesh) build PC's at much more competetive price - made all the more so due to the current value of the pound against the dollar.

Does anybody know if ;

1) PC's bought from the US work in the UK?
2) US PC's have any compatability issues (for
parts, upgrades etc)?

If I don't buy a PC from the US, does anyone recommend any particular companies in the UK? I'm looking to spend around £800-1000....


  Fingees 15:40 26 Aug 2006

You may have problems with voltage.

Imports will atract VAt plus import duty as they are more than £18.
Any warrenty would possibly not be valid in the UK

I would seriously look at Novatech website.

click here

All the best.

  961 16:05 26 Aug 2006

Because of import duty and vat, shipping costs, problems with warranty service, and technical differences including voltage, it really is not worthwhile to import from US, even if the maker is willing to ship

Look for a Dell this weekend as there are some keen prices on their web site. Then phone the order line and haggle another £50 off the price of your selected system

  johndere 16:06 26 Aug 2006

Dell would be the best.

  Muzzy78 16:08 26 Aug 2006


Thanks for the response.

I thought that most electronic products in US are in the same voltage range as the UK - but I'm not sure.

I'll probably buy from UK anyway. I looked at Novatech, but they can't compete with the deals I found with Dell and Mesh...

Dell : Pentium D945 dual core 3.4ghz
2GB DDR2 Ram
19" Dell monitor
Windows Media Center

What do you think?

  Muzzy78 16:10 26 Aug 2006

961, JohnDere, Fingees...

Thanks for the advice!

  €dstowe 16:12 26 Aug 2006

Companies who operate in both the US and UK will not normally allow import from one country to another.

Most US companies will not deal with a private customer in the UK anyway because of US customs restrictions and on import into the UK full taxes and duties must be paid which makes a $ to £ bargain much less than it first seemed.

That ignores the carriage costs. Remember that personal computers are heavy items and sending to the UK in a reasonable time means sending by air which can cost between $50 - $75 per Kg.

I'd forget about it and use a UK builder like Novatech as Fingees suggests.

  961 16:13 26 Aug 2006

If you don't need the screen you should get £150 off for 17" flat panel and £200 off for 19" when buying from Dell

Don't pay mega bucks for the service package. If it works when it arrives it will probably work forever. The basic 90 day return will do UNLESS you are clever enough to haggle a large reduction in the on site service package. Many do!

  Fingees 19:59 26 Aug 2006

Providing you dont want to upgrade any hardware very often, the Dell is a good choise, but a lot of their stuff is custom built for their machines, and can't always be replaced by ordinary parts. hence their prices for parts are very high.

For instance their printers are normally rebadged Lexmarks, but altered so a Lexmark cartridge won't fit.

Just a thought.
Good luck whatever you decide

  Enoch 06:06 27 Aug 2006

I have a Dell laptop bought in the UK. I spend time in the USA. When I first bought my Dell in the UK I saw that I had a worldwide warranty.

My hard-drive started to give me problems last year whilst I was in the States and I contacted Dell international (a 1-800 phone number) I had the new hard-drive sent to me which arrive 2 days later.

The point I am making is that major PC manufacturers are international in their treatment of clients

  281apple 09:29 27 Aug 2006

I bought a Toshiba in the States and I live in France. They have 110W voltage in the States and 220-240W in France (like in UK ??) but my Toshiba could work on 110 or 240W. Verify this point. Toshiba in France respected the one year guaranty from Toshiba in the States but I had not problems.
I BOUGHT FOR ABOUT 20% LESS THAN IN FRANCE cause especially Sales Tax in Florida was (is?) on 7% and 19 in France.

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