can you buy from itunes store+play on mp3 player?

  eh? 20:47 14 Nov 2007

My friend has bought an mp3 player and wanted to download music from the net to play on it. Now, I know a little about this stuff but am not really confident enough, so if anyone can clarify some points I/we would be very grateful!
1. Can she buy from Itunes music store to play on her mp3 plyer? Does she need conversion software?
2. Are there any legal sites to download free tracks from ?
3. Or where can you download music that you pay for, (we are talking lots of music,) say if you make a one off payment and choose what tracks you want, sort of thing?
Anybody? Please?

  DerekR 21:22 14 Nov 2007

I think you would need to burn the tunes from within itunes to a CD. You can then rip the CD using any ripping software (Windows Media Player will do the job) and save the ripped files as MP3.

itunes downloads are MP4 format.

Most free MP3 downloads are of unsigned bands, so the songs are not widely known.. You will need to Google for those sites as they are too numerous to list here.

Nearly all legal download sites now charge per track as opposed to a single payment allowing any number of downloads.

  thedogisdead3 21:26 14 Nov 2007

I wouldnt advise buying from iTunes for a non-Apple device, or at all if you can avoid it.

Downloading from iTunes generally means your songs are encoded in Apple's own AAC format which many MPĀ£ players won't play.

To boot, the Digital Rights Management which many iTunes files all lumbered with make it almost impossible for your files to be played on numerous devices.

iTunes itself can covert AAC into MP3, but you shouldnt need to mess about with file formats really.

Can you imagine buying a CD you can only play on one CD player?

There are many legitimate sites for buying music out there which you can find with a quick Googling. There are also many places you can get whatever you want for free- the 'legality' is often a grey area and as for morality, that's a different matter entirely.

And as for you third point, yes, I believe there are 'rentable' music collections out there where you can download as much as you like, but when your subscription runs out, so does your listening pleasure!

  thedogisdead3 21:30 14 Nov 2007

Further to Derek R's comments, it is my belief that you should be able to choose whatever format you like within reason without time consuming work arounds to be able to play your iTunes as MP3s.

By the time you've paid the price for the album on iTunes and burned it to a CD, you may as well have bought it from the shop with covers and everything for the same price!

The price charged for downloads is disgusting.

People can record top quality audio in their bedrooms these days and upload it for download instantly.

The costs for producing and distributing the music digitally are tiny compared to traditional methods.

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