can you be watched when using a credit card?

  Mitul123 17:55 17 Sep 2005

hi, my friend has got a acount with ebay, and wants to buy a few things, so when you sign up for it and type in your credit card details can you be watched???

  Pooke 17:59 17 Sep 2005


By a keylogger? Maybe, just run your AV and anti malware programs. If they turn up nothing, fire away.

Someone also suggested using the on screen keyboard and clicking the numbers instead of typing them. That way the keys can't be logged, but of course mal ware can take snapshots of the screen.

In summary just make your system is clean, by running your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and make sure there is a fully fledged firewall like Zone Alarm free edition on board. Windows firewall is useless.


  colberly 19:01 17 Sep 2005

I have been purchasing things online for several years with no problems whatsoever.

  GaT7 19:40 17 Sep 2005

Whenever typing in sensitive data, like credit card details, in to webforms ensure that the URL (web address) begins with a httpS (the last S is important) & there is a lock icon in the browser status bar. This means that the site is secure, encrypted & safe for sensitive/monetary transactions. If you feel you cannot trust a particular site, inspite of it's apparent genuineness &/or 'secureness', ask others who may know - so, you've done well to ask here.

I've been a member of eBay for several years & purchased online on numerous occasions with credit/debit cards, etc. without a problem.

Also, if you receive any emails (e.g., from eBay, your bank) asking for bank account numbers, login details, & the like, they are most definitely fake ('spoof' messages), so do NOT follow the links they contain or enter any details. The links lead to 'phishing' websites click here. Recently, I've had a couple of spoof emails that were supposed to be from eBay.

Even if in the slightest doubt, contact the originating site/company/bank etc., & ask them if they've sent you these messages & how to tell that they're genuine or not, & what is the genuine URL(s) for their website. Or, ask the forum for advice before doing anything. G

  GaT7 18:44 18 Sep 2005

Apparently, now you can also be HEARD click here ; ) G

  2drewej 20:00 18 Sep 2005

just download "Microsoft antispyware beta (free)

enable active protection etc and do a scan for viruses , keyloggers etc.

if it finds any it will remove them , and will help prevent any more viruses/keyloggers from getting on your system.

basically if you this program your safe.

also make sure you have windows firewall turned on!


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