can Yahoo web-mail be repaired ?

  Ikelos 14:54 28 Jan 2008

hi, my yahoo email address is not working properly, I can read the mail and look at all the folders, but the page to write "new mail" will not open, any ideas.


  Technotiger 15:18 28 Jan 2008

Will this help?

click here

  octal 15:21 28 Jan 2008

shouldn't the button be "Compose" to start a new email? I think that's what you mean. It sounds like JavaScript isn't working, try this page to see if it is working click here if it isn't then there are instructions given on that page on how to get it working.

  Ikelos 15:32 28 Jan 2008

Thanks, I clicked the link, and it read my browser support javascript 1.3, there was nothing else on that link.

on my yahoo it has got "new" and not compose. if it has I can not see it

on the first link i did not know what I was looking for :-((

  Technotiger 15:39 28 Jan 2008

I just wondered if WebMail Assistant (scroll down) would have sorted it for you - I found it under the heading of Repair Yahoo web-mail.

  octal 15:39 28 Jan 2008

Then JavaScript is working OK.

Is this the Yahoo you are trying to get into? click here

  Ikelos 15:42 28 Jan 2008

hi, yes that is the one.....

  Ikelos 15:47 28 Jan 2008

just downloaded web assistant and installed it, but still the darn thing will not work..

  octal 15:55 28 Jan 2008

The reason I asked about the button is this is a screenshot of mine when I open it click here and when I click on the compose button (arrowed) I get taken to the compose screen click here

  Ikelos 16:14 28 Jan 2008

Hi, just noticed that mine is .com and yours is if that has anything to do with it....

  octal 16:16 28 Jan 2008

Yes, probably. After I posted it that came to mind. I gave up the .com one because it doesn't offer POP3 so I can't use it on my email client.

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