Can we/should we upgrade an old PC for gamimg?

  KJC29 16:41 17 Jun 2006

We have been given a Packard Bell computer loaded with Windows ME.
It has 800Mghz and 64mb - not really very sure about the full as there were no manuals with it.

We want to use it for gaming only but it needs to be made to run faster for the newer games such as the Sims2

We are thinking about swapping the 64mb part for a 256mb

Would this be a useful thing to do? Or should we change the video card? We are not sure what it is at present. Or is there somethinelse we should do?

  wee eddie 17:00 17 Jun 2006

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you're on to a looser with this PC - Games wise that is.

It's good for general Homework/Office tasks, even the Internet is a little dicey as Microsoft no longer support ME, but you should be able to set it with all the free Protection Programs as they still do.

  Joe R 19:09 17 Jun 2006


if you can find out what motherboard, the system is using, it would be easier to judge how far you can upgrade.

  Devil Fish 16:51 18 Jun 2006

i tend to agree with wee eddie on this one

sims 2 minimum spec

800mhz Processor
256MB Ram
32 MB T&l Graphics card

assuming you have graphics above 32MB upgrading the ram to 256 would bring you up to minimum spec

my kid used to play it on a 933MHZ processor 256MB of RAM and a 64MB graphics card and it was painfull

i ended up building them a new machine to play it on

i will also add if you are looking to add expansion packs to it that is then going to push the processor speed to a minimum of 1.0ghz

  c0re 23:14 18 Jun 2006


I mean you can have an amzing spec'd Acer Desktop Tower from Ebuyer for £234 now.

click here

The motherboard is proably Pentium 3 or Late Celeron Early Series so no room there for improvment.





  wolfie3000 02:28 19 Jun 2006

KJC29 i would buy a new system if i was you noy only will the sims run better but it gives you the option of buying more games that will run on it.

Wee eddie is right sorry but its the way it is with pc,s nowadays.

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