Can we stop "Post Response"

  pj123 14:09 29 Aug 2004

Sometimes I haven't got my brain in gear and I click on Post Response and then realise I should have added something else. I then have to do another response like "Sorry, I should have said"...... etc.

I think there was a post sometime ago along the same lines like "I wish there was an Edit facility" so that if it is posted it can be edited without making a new response.

  _plAsma 14:11 29 Aug 2004

yer, i agree - you should be able to edit your own posts and perhaps delete them.

id still think these forums are the bessst ever even if they didnt have those features tho :p

  stalion 14:12 29 Aug 2004

I expect we all do it sometimes,I normally wait a few seconds now before posting just incase I think of something extra.But I don't wait to long else VOG beats me to the answer lol

  VoG II 14:14 29 Aug 2004

stalion :o)

I also would like an edit facility but we've been told before that it is not a practicable proposition for a site like this with so much traffic.

  watchful 14:15 29 Aug 2004

That would be useful as you usually think of something to add just after you've clicked 'Post Response.'

  cga 14:17 29 Aug 2004

Mee too!!!

It's a great idea but I cannot begin to imagine how you would acheive that with asynchronous posts and freeform text.

  cga 14:18 29 Aug 2004

VoG™ beat me to it again. types faster than me!!

  pj123 14:20 29 Aug 2004

Not necessarily an Edit facility, but maybe a Cancel to stop the response being posted so that anything else can be added and then re-posted?

  Djohn 14:22 29 Aug 2004

I sit up all night waiting for a post that I can answer and still VoG™ beats me to it! :o(

  stalion 14:22 29 Aug 2004

it is the same as sending a email once you send your modem takes over so you can not stop it.

  Graham ® 14:26 29 Aug 2004

Hi,I think when you have pressed the button, the response has already gone and can't be stopped.

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