can we download windows 7 today ?

  Colonel Snow 09:19 22 Oct 2009

hi guys.
Was wondering if it's available to download from Microsoft today?....A few weeks ago i bought a vista disc (with the free upgrade option) and was wondering if i could upgrade today?

Thanks Guys

  birdface 09:41 22 Oct 2009

[A few weeks ago i bought a vista disc (with the free upgrade option).
Is it a Vista disc or a Windows7 disc.
Have you got to install Vista and then send for the Windows Disc.
As you can see i am not sure how it works.But if it is the upgrade disc for Windows 7 you should be able to install it now.

  Colonel Snow 09:49 22 Oct 2009

Hi Buteman.

It's a Vista disc- which i installed a couple of weeks the shop where i bought it they said i just had to install Vista and then wait for Windows 7 which is today, and then download 7 and install- using my Vista key....but cant see any sign on Microsoft (so far) of being able to dload.

  birdface 10:09 22 Oct 2009

Maybe have a look here and see if it applies.

click here

I don't think the upgrades are provided by a download though. I believe Microsoft will send you out an actual disc in order to upgrade, though usually you'll need to pay some kind of P&P fee for this.

  Stuartli 10:38 22 Oct 2009

Some retailers such as Amazon have, apparently, sent out pre-ordered Windows7 disks early due to the Royal Mail strike threat (reality!).

True, I received mine from Amazon yesterday, but those are actual purchased retail discs, and nothing to do with the upgrade program.

  Spark6 12:06 22 Oct 2009

When the Vista upgrade was offered with XP installs the Vista disc had to be applied for. As david1985 says, P&P was required. I believe my son's copy came from Holland!
Contact the company that sold you your Vista disc, they should be able to advise you.

  Stuartli 12:33 22 Oct 2009

May be, but there was a release date of October 22nd (i.e. today). See:

click here

I knwo the release date was today, but it's not uncommon for software to end up being shipped out a day or two early in normal circumstances, and Microsoft themselves approved of places sending Windows 7 out early for retail customers in order to get it out there.

But as for applying for an upgrade because you've bought a Vista machine (or bought a retail copy of Vista) it's a totally seperate process, and by the time people have applied and their applications have been processed, the postal strike will be over anyway. (Though of course there'll be a bit of a backlog I'm sure!)

  Colonel Snow 13:46 22 Oct 2009

Thanks Buteman for the advice....i used the link you provided and ordered the upgrade.

I didnt have to pay any p+p either (which wasnt a problem anyway as i was more than willing to pay p+p)...but id just like to say that's great customer service from Microsoft.

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