Can Wanadoo do this?

  Rhuddlan 16:43 01 Jul 2005

This isn't a techincal question but a friend of mine has Wanadoo Broadband just like me a 1.1Mbps connection for £18.99 a month, I live alone and use the net a lot, don't download big files, but do download a lot of music etc. She has four kids who download about the same as me, she only users the comp for e mails and surfing the net, now Wanadoo say she has to upgrade to £22.99 a month either due to using the net too much or going over their download limit, I and my friend think this is impossible, they have contacted her via e mail and have asked her to ring them up to upgrade her package. I have never heared of this before, can anyone shed any light on the subject?

  ventanas 16:52 01 Jul 2005

Music downloads will use up a lot of your usage. You really need something that will monitor your internet use so you can keep on top of it click here This program claims to do this. It must have been going on a while though for wanadoo to come down like this. But they will insist on it if the limit is constantly exceeded.

  Completealias 16:58 01 Jul 2005

Yes they can the 18.99 a month package with wanadoo has a 2gb a month cap. It does state in the wanadoo web pages that if you exceed this cap they will notify you and if your use of the service does not drop they will ask you to upgrade to the next service which has a cap of 6gb a month.

Downloading music tracks can use up your usage allowance quite quickly if you download alot, don't forget she has more people using the pc than you and if they all download the same amount then chances are she has exceeded her cap.

You can get a netmeter from click here that will help to monitor your usage

  Rhuddlan 18:55 04 Jul 2005

Thanks for the links, anyone got any other link to other internet usage pieces of software? net meter doesn't seem very good and I can't access the other one as it is a restrited site according to ie!

  roy 19:20 04 Jul 2005

'I can't access the other one as it is a restrited site according to ie! '

I think it's due to your security settings with regard to ActiveX.

  Rhuddlan 19:39 04 Jul 2005

I know that roy, but I can't be arsed going through the list of websites that are restricted and finding it, can anyone give me another link? There must be more free one's out there, but for some reason I can'f seem to find any!

  Andybear 19:53 04 Jul 2005

"I can't be arsed going through the list of websites that are restricted and finding it"

With that sort of attitude do you think anyone else will try and help? Try doing a search in Google.

  maz2 20:09 04 Jul 2005

Net Meter is a good programme, gives you daily readings and monthly readings, what more could you need, set it to start up with windows and it'll run continuously in task bar, keeping tabs on how much usage

  Andybear 21:11 04 Jul 2005

Oops! Sorry, my last post should have been addressed to Rhuddlan. 1000 apologies.

  PIPPIE 21:30 04 Jul 2005

There is a little programme called Down2Home from the following that might suit and it's free

click here

  roy 23:03 04 Jul 2005

No problem.

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