Can viruses be tranfered through VPN client ?

  field divison 15:35 16 Jun 2005

I was wondering if anyone is experienced on Nortel’s Contivity VPN Client, which logs me into the company’s local network, I only use this to check my mail through my MS outlook & synchronize it. Now the Q, is there a potential for my system to send a virus to my company’s network and cause major problems?
My O/S is 2000 Pro, and I have full admin rights on pc.

  LastChip 22:23 16 Jun 2005

first let me say I'm not familiar with your particular network.

A VPN is a conduit through which data can pass and it attempts to keep anyone else outside from looking in. The data itself however, can be corrupt, have a virus or Trojan or any other nasty embedded and a VPN will do nothing to stop that.

I would asssume however, your company server has an adequate anti-virus solution to avoid that possibility and of course, your own computer should be similarly protected.

  field divison 13:28 17 Jun 2005

Thank you Lastchip your information has been useful, I do run most spyware guards and adware protectors, thanks for taking the time to explain to me the VPN client.

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