Can u upgrade laptops as easily as Desktop pcs???

  InquisitorNik 13:16 30 Jan 2003

Just coz i wanna buy a basic laptop, then upgrade it, or wold it b cheaper just 2 buy a high tech laptop straight away??

  woodchip 13:18 30 Jan 2003

No only hard drive and ram mainly can be upgraded

  Paranoid Android 13:19 30 Jan 2003

Buy what you need to start with, upgrade options are very limited and VERY expensive.


  spikeychris 13:21 30 Jan 2003

Cheaper?, well that depends on the price ;o) as for upgrading. Physically its not that difficult and in some notebooks its a doddle. Some have an access panel at the back for RAM and the hard drive is sat under the keyboard, the processor is also easy to get at.


  hgrock 13:34 30 Jan 2003

I thought the answer to this was obvious, you can find parts for the pc everywhere, did you see laptop parts? also parts are not interchangable if you hav a compaq you have to get compaq parts, i had a floppy drive replaced on my laptop cost £125 including shipping and they wouldn't supply it had to return the machine, a floppy on the pc cost £8

  spikeychris 13:35 30 Jan 2003

Mr Chip makes a good point >> if you want to upgrade the CPU ask if it is soldered to the board..if it is then its a no no..


  woodchip 13:43 30 Jan 2003

Chris will you please keep an eye on this, going down for some din din click here

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