Can they read my IP address?

  PC840 19:02 05 Oct 2012

If I'm on a forum can my IP address be read, by other posters?

  northumbria61 19:31 05 Oct 2012

In the Search box top right of screen type in "Can my IP address be seen on the Forums" and you will see the replies.

  rdave13 21:27 05 Oct 2012

No. Not on a forum.

  lotvic 21:53 05 Oct 2012

No, not by other posters. And if you have a dynamic IP address it wouldn't do them any good even if they could.

Here's some general info:

Read all the page, I like this bit: "there are some ISPs who issue the same IP to all customers, since this prevents them from hosting any kind of service. AOL and are examples - all their customers have the same IP on the web. Obviously, their IPs are different all the way into the ISP's equipment, otherwise they could not be differentiated on the network - but to the outside world, all customers are at one address."

For a joke if anyone ever asks you for yours, tell them it's (there's no place like home ;))

  rdave13 22:00 05 Oct 2012

lotvic Whaat? Dynamic or not. You do waffle sometimes.

  lotvic 22:29 05 Oct 2012

rdave13, you're right, I do, I have, I am, it's Friday night - nuff said... ;)

  PC840 12:29 06 Oct 2012

Thanks for the replies, but somebody was claiming they could and then posted some details which were near the mark, and I wondered if I had been hacked!

  rdave13 12:48 06 Oct 2012

This is what you get of your location with the IP address, click here. For me it got UK right but that's it.

  PC840 21:06 06 Oct 2012

'For me it got UK right but that's it' yep, that OK, but I was thinking somebody with a bit more Knowledge could hack their way to my computer. I mean if people can do it to the Pentagon computers a Windows7 firewall isn't going to be much of a block!

  rdave13 21:54 06 Oct 2012

I've got a strong wireless key, router firewall, win 7 firewall, free Avast and free malwarebytes and a paid for SAS. Also got spywareblaster as a blocker. I also use Trusteer Rapport. I'm sure if MI6 needed to hack my PC I suppose they could but I'm not important enough to warrant it. Some people would say that my security is over the top but I'm happy with it.

  Quiller. 22:06 06 Oct 2012


A moderator could see your IP address and just feed it to a site like this

It will just give a wide location to where you are.

Nothing to worry about. Only an ISP can pinpoint your exact location unless you have a static IP address. Most ISP's have a dynamic address's.

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