can sound card take two audio cabl;es?

  carlos 13:21 24 Sep 2003

be very grateful for advice. I am about to install a DVD R/RW. I've already got a CDRW cabled into the "CD" plug on the sound card. Can I also cable in the DVD?
There are two other plugs that look the same, "TAD" and AUX IN".

  Djohn 13:35 24 Sep 2003

Yes you can. Also if you enable "Digital" sound from your sound-card properties, the sound will travel through your IDE cable instead of the separate cables provided. I have mine set this way and both drives work through the speakers. j.

  carlos 13:39 24 Sep 2003

be grateful for elucidation.
1. which plug on the sound card do I attach the additional audio cable to?
2. If I enable digital on sound card, do I need to have the audio cable attached. Will the sound signal then be transferred via the IDE cable?There are analogue and digital inputs on the new DVD driveaudio

  Djohn 13:57 24 Sep 2003

Got me there I'm afraid. Up to a couple of months back both audio cables where attached to the Soundblaster 5.1 card, [1 to TAD I think] and the sound worked fine. I then had need to go inside my case to remove a 56k modem and while there, I removed both leads with no ill affect.

I think that with the 80 strand IDE cables, sound will travel through both in analogue and digital, but may be wrong on that. Certainly it will do no harm to have the audio leads connected at the same time and will not cause a conflict. Both my drives are set for digital output. Hope this helps a little.

  carlos 14:06 24 Sep 2003

Just did that and lost sound to both drives lol. WIll go and t'shoot. How does one "enable" digital sound? I looked all over and can't find such a "button" to enable

  Djohn 14:31 24 Sep 2003

With XP. Right click on the Volume icon in the sys. tray and choose properties, then Hardware Tab, and again choose properties of the drive that you highlight.

Then the properties tab again, and you will see a little box that requires a tick. [Enable digital audio devices for this CD drive]. Regards. j.

  SEASHANTY 15:04 24 Sep 2003

Is TAD in the digital circuit. I always supposed that TAD was for Telephone Answering Device for a 'phone/fax connection?

  carlos 15:09 24 Sep 2003

ticked resolved then got seashanty post. Frustratingly, once I attached the DVD's audio cable to the sound card( used TAD), my sound won't work. Funnily enough, it works with setting up sounds for actions but as soon as I put a CD into the CD player, the sound instantly cuts off. This happens again on reboot. Weird! I'll have to try some things , then start a new post.

  Djohn 15:22 24 Sep 2003

SEASHANTY may be correct on this. I am trying to remember how mine was set. Unfortunately my tower unit is under the desk and a little difficult for me to reach, otherwise I would pop the side off the case off and check.

Maybe someone can advise on this, but don't worry it does work, both my drives are working fine this way. Regards. j.

  SEASHANTY 15:32 24 Sep 2003

You might be okay connecting the DVD writer to AUX IN and leaving the CDRW drive on CD. If that doesn't work try swapping them over. Failing that look around for a sound cable with a branch off that will allow you to connect both drives to the CD input on your soundcard. You will probably get more frustration in trying to find this type of sound cable. Few and far between I have found. You may eventually have to make up your own soundcable from bits and pieces. I have found that even if you find a cable its sure to have the wrong type of connecting plugs.

  carlos 15:49 24 Sep 2003

Will do another post for ?failing sound card

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