Can someone step by step this?

  Rizlo 22:58 26 Jun 2009

Your laptop was likely configured with INTERNET SHARING enabled.

Take a look in control panel, then look for the "ISC" Internet Sharing Center. It enables other computers to SHARE the internet connection that the laptop has established.

Run the wizard and enable it. Should be fine...


Just been told to do this from another forum.

  woodchip 23:12 26 Jun 2009

Please explain what you are trying to do!

  lotvic 23:17 26 Jun 2009

and give us a link to the other forum that are helping you.

  Rizlo 23:20 26 Jun 2009

It was on yahoo answers.

My original post is here, but i think people see it has none computer problem with it being a bt vision box problem, so no replies.

[url]click here[/url]

  woodchip 23:45 26 Jun 2009

I think what your vision box needs is your security Encryption key from router

  Rizlo 15:08 27 Jun 2009

On the IAN network icon, it says, limited to no connectivity when i plug in the Ethernet.

  sharpamat 16:13 27 Jun 2009

I am very supprised your connection of two vision boxs ever worked without causing a major conflict to the entire system.

In your original post you state that you restored your laptop, you dont say if you reloaded you BT Broadband useing as advised the Ethernet cable. This would automatically set up all the connections you are now looking for.

The Vision works only by direct connect to your hub This is the media management for the vision box. It controls what it does, it updates the firmware on a fairly regular basis from BT. It provides access for downloaded items from BT. and controls what you record. It does not supply your freeview channels These come from your own ariel. For a short period of time a vision box will display freeview channels if not connected to the HUB

Depand on your hub there is mor than one Ethernet socket. nce your hub and your system have been set up you can then use the Ethernet cable to set up your vision box. Whilst your internet connection to your laptop may be wirless the BT Vision box to work correctley requires the Ethernet cable, either with or without the adaptors. These are purchased in pairs, and require there own pairs, they have their own encription.

It may be possable to set up two pairs to one Hub bot being cabalarated seperatey and two vision boxs but I would expect a major conflict screwing up the system settings.

As for a freeview box hardly £50 closer to £20 and half that second hand

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