Can Someone Please Help Me

  Act of Kindness 12:03 30 Jun 2003

I have a 4 yr old Gateway 2K PC running Win ME. The Spec is a P3 600 MHz Processor with 128mb of SD RAM.

My issue is this, When I boot the fan on the cpu works ok and I get NO BEEPS, but the green lights on front of casing are on as usual but the screen remains totally blank. No Cursor No writing nothing, the light on the screen remains Orange.

I have tried the monitor on another PC and it works fine. I have also gone and Bought a new Video Card still nothing on the monitor. I have taken out the sd ram and re seated it still nothing. I have also removed all Cables from HDD CD ROM FLOPPY and removed peri-phial cards except the video card to see it would boot into the BIOS. No luck.

Question. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong and also how or what I could try next.

Another Question, is there a test I can do to see if the mo-bo and processor are ok.

I thank you all in advanced for any assistance.

  Confab 12:07 30 Jun 2003

When you tested to monitor on another PC did you use the same cable?

  Act of Kindness 12:25 30 Jun 2003

I take it when you say the same cable your referring to the cable from the monitor. Then Yes I used the same cable that plugs into the video card.

  Tog 12:29 30 Jun 2003

Remove the graphics card and boot up. If it is getting as far as the BIOS POST then you should hear beeps. If no beeps then it is nothing to do with your display.

Remake the power connections to the motherboard AND the front panel.

  Act of Kindness 13:43 30 Jun 2003

I removed the Graphics card and booted NO BEEPS, which I find odd.. Removed and re seated the Power connectors to both Mo-bo and on/off switch. still nothing to to the screen.

I can hear the HDD making the normal sounds as it does during boot-up.

Is there any other test I can do to check that the MO-BO is ok or knackered??

  Bodi 13:50 30 Jun 2003

Your memory chip has died. Although, if there are no BIOS beeps may not be the problem. However, I think it may be worthwhile buying a new stick of memory.

A memory problem can cause the same symptons as you are getting.


  barrie_g 14:14 30 Jun 2003

See if you can find out what it means with your mobo when you get "no beeps".

  Bodi 15:13 30 Jun 2003

Crucial, UK memory:

click here

Hope this helps,


  Bodi 15:23 30 Jun 2003

The flipping site seems to have changed:

Might find this more helpful,

click here


  Dr. Charles 15:27 30 Jun 2003

Hi Bodi long time no see.

I think Bodi is right. Do you have any friend who will,lend you their memory to check it out?

Crucial is a really good buy for memory.

Best wishes,


  Bodi 15:33 30 Jun 2003

This page:

click here

Will give your computer manufacturer as Gateway. If you find your computer model in the little box at the top - Crucial will recommend the type of memory to use. I'm pretty sure you'll find 133 (is cheaper than 100) is backward compatible with the 100.

Hope, at last, I've managed to give some help.


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